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  • Contact Information Office.S486 Tel.02-958-3325 E-mail.schang@business.kaist.ac.kr Homepage/Lab.
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Professor Chang is a Techno-SK Chair Professor at KAIST Business School and a Provost's Chair Professor at National University of Singapore (joint appointment). He is primarily interested in the management of diversified multinational firms. His current research focuses on understanding the process of creating operating synergies among diversified lines of business and building a strong local organization after foreign entry. His other research interests include organizational learning, corporate growth through joint ventures and acquisitions, foreign direct investment, and comparative management studies of Japan, Korea, and China. His research has been published in journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of International Business Studies, Review of Economics and Statistics, and Journal of Industrial Economics. He is currently an Associate Editor of the Strategic Management Journal.


    1992. Ph.D. in Management, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

    1986. M.A. in Economics, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.

    1984. B.A. in Economics, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.


    2013-present. Techno-SK Chair Professor, KAIST Business School

    2009-present. Provost’s Chair Professor, NUS Business School, National University of

    2008. Visiting Professor, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

    2006-2008. Kumho Asiana Group Endowed Chair Professor, Korea University, Seoul, Korea.

    1994-2008. Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, Korea University, Seoul, Korea.

    2007. Visiting Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University,
    Tokyo, Japan

    2004-2005. Visiting Professor, London Business School, London, United Kingdom.

    2002. Visiting Professor, INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France.

    2000-2001. Visiting Faculty, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, Stanford CA.

    1992-1995 Assistant Professor of Management & International Business, Stern School of Business, New York University, New York, NY.


주요논문 (특허등)

    Academic journal publications (past 5 years)

    "When Does Transitioning from Family to Professional Management Improve Firm Performance," with Jungwook Shim, forthcoming, Strategic Manageemnt Journal.

    "Industry Evolution and Institutional Barriers," with Brian Wu, Strategic Manageemnt Journal, August 2014.

    "When Do Foreign Firms Outperform Local Firms?", with Jaiho Chung and Jongbin Moon, Journal of International Business Studies, August, 2013.

    "Do wholly-owned Subsidiaries Perform Better than Joint Ventures?, with Jaiho Chung and Jongbin Moon, Strategic Management Journal, March 2013.

    "Winning Strategies in China," with Sam Park, Long Range Planning, February 2012, 45:1-15.

    "Rapid FDI Expansion and Firm Performance," with Jay Hyuk Rhee, Journal of International Business Studies, 2011, 42: 979-994

    "Common Method Variance in International Busines Research," with Lorrane Eden and Arjen van Witteloostuijn, Journal of International Business Studies, February 2010, 41(2): 178-184

    "Spillovers and Competition among Foreign and Local Firms in China," with Dean Xu, Strategic Management Journal, May 2008, 29: 495-518

    Books (in English)

    Multinational Firms in China: Entry Strategies, Competition, and Performance, Oxford University Press, 2013.

    Sony versus Samsung: The Inside Story of Electronics Giants’ Battle for Global Supremacy, Wiley, 2008 (translanted into Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and Thai)

    Business Groups in East Asia: Financial Crisis, Restructuring and New Growth, Oxford University Press, 2006

    The Financial Crisis and Transformation of Korean Business Groups: Rise and Fall of Chaebols, Cambridge University Press, 2003.


    Strategic Management, International Business

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