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Spring 2011 OPI Update Announcement 2011-04-28Hit:5813

The International Center would like to announce the Spring 2011 OPI Update Interview. As you may know well, KAIST College of Business has established the Superior level as a graduation requirement for its students. The interview is a one-on-one discussion for twenty minutes with a native speaker of English. There is nothing you need to do to prepare. Just come in and have a conversation with your interviewer. We will evaluate your proficiency and, based on your level, we will advise you on EPC classes you may need to take. Students who are Superior Level Speakers are not required to take the EPC courses. Please sign-up for your update interview. Below is the detailed information:

1. Reservation System Open: at Friday, noon time on April 29, 2011

2. Update Period: May 4 through May 18 (slot file is attached)

3. Site: http://www.business.kaist.ac.kr

4. How long: 20 minutes per student

5. Process:

KAIST Business School Home Page (http://business.kaist.ac.kr) → Login (as a current student) → Reservation → OPI Test (Spring Update) → reserve a slot (Check professor name noted as A, B & C) → Come to the International Center (SUPEX Bldg Rm. 446) 5 minutes earlier on your reserved time. → Fill out the Form 1 & 2 (posted at the office door) → Do the interview → (one Week later) → Go to the KCB Homepage (http://business.kaist.ac.kr) →Check you update OPI Level at: (Homepage>Find People>Student information>OPI)

6. Interview venue and Interviewees will be announced on your interview day.

If you have any questions, please contact Lee Hyang Sook at the International Center via 958-3241. Thank you.

Contact : Lee, Jisun ( jisunlee@kaist.ac.kr )