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June 2011, Invitation to Student Counseling Center 2011-06-03Hit:5974

What is Happiness?
Someone says that success is to have what he wants, happiness is to satisfy what he have.
Student Counseling Center"s catchphrase is "Happy life is from happy campus". We open "Becoming a happy life" lecture

1. Lecture Plan
* Subject : " Becoming a happy life "
* Period & time : June 15 (Wed.) ~ August 3 (Wed.), 8 weeks , 1~3 p.m.
* Lecture Schedule
Week 1: What is happiness?
Week 2: The impact of the early lives, Freud"s Psychoanalysis
Week 3: The power of reinforcement, Pavlov"s effect
Week 4: Conditional love, 1st or not anxious life
Week 5: Self-esteem
Week 6: Friendship and love
Week 7: Control the mind
Week 8: Effective communication

Place: To be announced depending on the no. of applicants
Lecturer: Jang, Kye Young(Counseling Psychologist, Ph.D)
Deadline for registration : 6.13(Mon.), greenval@business.kaist.ac.kr

2. Carrier Counselling
- Various types of carrier psychology tests will help you define your lifetime goal and build a carrier path to move forward towards the goal.
- Type of tests: STRONG Interest Inventory, Aptitude Test, MBTI, LCSI, Vocational Value Test, Career Adaptability Test, Career Transition Test, etc.

3. psychological counseling
- Emotion Management (Anxiety, Depression, Anger)
- Stress Relief Counselling
- Understanding of your personality as well as others
- Understanding of original family
- Types of tests: MMPI, MBTI, SCT, Rorschaha, TAT, HTP, etc.

★ How to take the counseling : Made a reservation 1 day ahead ★
☞ How to make a reservation: Reservation→ Student Counseling Center → Book
☞ Place: Supex 2nd floor, 267
☞ Office Hours: Mon. Wed. Thu. (09:00~18:00)
☞ Contact: Jang, Kyeyoung (Ph.D, Counseling Psychologist) ☎3267, S267

Contact : Lee, Jisun ( jisunlee@kaist.ac.kr )