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Registration guide for the 2013 Spring Semester 2012-11-27Hit:6673

2013 Spring semester registration procedure and methods are as follows:

※ Paper-submitted Process for KCB Course Registration
Starting from 2012 Spring Semester course registration, no hardcopy(course registration application, add/drop application) will need to be submitted to the corresponding major offices.
However, in case you want to add or drop courses that’s already exceeded the maximum limit or falling short of the minimum number(5) of students,
you still need to submit the hard copy to your major office after the approval of both your advisor and course professor.

1) Course Registration: Simplified in 2 steps
① Course Registration → ② Keep the printed Course registration application (by student)
2) Course add/drop: Simplified in 2 steps but *if needed, further process needs to be done
① Course add/drop → ② Keep the printed course add/drop application (student) → *if needed, go through (③ course professor approval → ④ advisor professor approval → ⑤ Submit hardcopy to major office )
*If needed: process ③~⑤ should be done in case your course already exceed the maximum limit or fall short of the minimum number(5) of students.

1.Registration period : 11.26 (Mon), 28(Wed) ~ 30(Fri)

<1st period> 11.26(Mon) 12 : 30 ~ 23: 59 ▶ Open enrollment without ceilings for one’s major courses.
①Students will be randomly selected for the courses that exceed their enrollment ceilings;final student lists for the courses will be announced on Portal before 12:00 pm 11.28(Wed).
(Portal ⇒ Student Notice ⇒ Lecture/Academic/Paper)
② 11.27(Tue)~ 28(Wed) prior to 12:30 pm : No registration is possible
③Students included in the final lists (of the courses exceed their enrollment ceilings) cannot cancel the courses during the registration period.
(However, during the Add/drop period, students may change or cancel their classes.)

<2nd period> 12:30pm on 11.28(Wed) ~ 23:59 on 30(Fri) (Students may register for the remaining courses on a first-come-first-serve basis)

2. Use: Portal-Academic System

3. Registration procedure
① Choose classes from the lists
http://portal.kaist.ac.kr ⇒ Academic System ⇒ Courses Offered
② Web registration :
http://portal.kaist.ac.kr ⇒ Academic System
③ Print out the completed registration form and keep it by student.

4. Cross Course Registration Policy
A. During course registration period
① Students can register for the courses open for one"s major only, due to the priority matters.
B. During course change period
① To give opportunities to taking courses across all majors, students are allowed to register for courses open for other majors from the first date of the course change period.
② The courses for cross course registration are limited. Students must check course registration system
first(Portal-Academic System) to find out if the course they are willing to register is open for cross course registration.

Contact : Lee, Jisun ( jisunlee@kaist.ac.kr )