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“Sharing information with everyone” … reorganization of KAIST College of Business homepage2015-03-10Hit:2881


The homepage of KAIST College of Business ( www.business.kaist.ac.kr) has been revamped so that it is a user-central customized informative portal and its communicative ability with the users is strengthened.

The newly organized homepage provides the most innovative and user-friendly features and establishes a system that reflects the latest web trends.

Moreover, it reinforces the ‘intellectual portal’ features and put emphasis on realizing the catchphrase of KAIST College of Business, ‘Beyond Knowledge’

Specifically, the screen size not only for PCs but also devices such as mobile phones and tablets are automatically adjusted for user-friendliness.

Furthermore, the homepages of the College of Business and four other colleges (Techno, Finance, Information Media, Green) are interlocked and the curriculum menu is reorganized so that the user can easily be aware of it.

In the reorganization process, much effort was put into strengthening two-way communication with the users. 

A social webpage “KAISTory” was made to share the daily lives of the students and to form a social consensus between the users. In KAISTory, there are career development strategies and interviews done by the alumni, experience of oversea studies, information on research and lifestyle of the faculty and many other items which are useful to anyone who is interested in business and economics.

The interworking features of SNS have been enriched so that one can check on the contents available in social platforms in real time.

“Through this reorganization of the homepage, we expect the users to communicate with each other more efficiently and increase their awareness of information regarding KAIST College of Business…We will try to operate the homepage so that anyone can easily visit and make use of the information in it” said a faculty member of KAIST College of Business.

link:  http://www.moneyweek.co.kr/news/mwView.php?type=1&no=2015022714168035453&outlink=1

Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )