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KAIST ‘FinTech Industry’ Conference … The former Deputy Prime Minister, Kwon Oh Kyu, also in attendance.2015-07-03Hit:4109


A FinTech conference will be held in which the globalization and the potential of Korea’s FinTech industry will be discussed.

According to KAIST, a FinTech conference will be held in Myeong-Dong Bank Hall on the 21st. About 200 experts including Kwon Oh Kyu, the Former Deputy Prime Minister, Yoon Chang Hyun, the Former Director of Institute Of Finance, Jung Ji Won, a standing member of Financial Services Commission plan to attend the conference.

The focus of the conference will on how Korea’s FinTech firms can act to gain competitiveness in the foreign finance market. The main idea is to utilize Korea’s high-tech IT technology to lead the the international finance industry in the FinTech market at its infancy stage.

Kim Dong Suk, the Dean of the KAIST College of Business, will give the keynote talk and emphasize the importance of putting effort on the rising FinTech industry.

From KAIST, Professor Kwon Young Sun, Professor Lee Yoon Joon, Professor Lee Byung Tae, and Professor Kim Byung Chun will be presenting. From the finance sector, Kim Jong Hyun, the Senior Researcher of the Finance Institute, and Yoon Chang Hyun, the Former Deputy Prime Minister and the current professor of University of Seoul, are planning to present.

“From now on, the trend in the FinTech industry is going to switch from making customers look for FinTech, to predicting the customers’ lifestyle and patterns, and providing appropriate goods and services” said Professor Kim Byung Chun, the Chief Director of Financial Engineering Research Center.

Further information on the conference can be found in KAIST College of Business Homepage (business.kaist.ac.kr)



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