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KAIST College of Business, chosen as an outstanding KOICA college2015-07-15Hit:4167


KAIST College of Business, chosen as an outstanding KOICA college

Gains recognition for system excellence in

management and capability reinforcement for returned trainees


The Graduate School of Finance in KAIST College of Business has been chosen as an outstanding school by KOICA in 2015. KAIST College of Business, which provides a Finance MBA for KOICA students, has been selected as an excellent college in system development and efficient management for management and capability reinforcement for returned trainees.

KAIST College of Business constructed three main systems: a survey and data base system, online learning organization system and networking vitalization system. KAIST College of Business research the returned students’ position and current performance by utilizing a self-developed survey. This data was used as a standard for measuring the mid- and long-term outcomes of the program. Also, exclusive personal information data was applied for reinforcing the network system among the members by facilitating the sharing of information on returnees.

For building an online learning organization system, KCB not only recorded and uploaded videos on the homepage but also provided lecture summaries. Students were also able to improve their knowledge through question and answer sessions with invited finance experts and global scholars. A monthly discussion and opinion sharing system was implemented so that students could share their experiences from various countries to enhance mutual learning in finance. 

Moreover, KCB built a special homepage ( www.business.kaist.ac.kr/kgsf/k_alumni)for alumni to participate in networking with returned students. The homepage introduces the whole course of study, alumni statistics, education contents, newsletters for helping with networking. Especially, a social community by linked participants with the homepage for promoting exchange among alumni.

Currently, 80% of the alumni are using he skills and knowledge cultivated from the program by pursuing further study and in information gathering. Therefore, KAIST College of Business stated that it will reinforce the education contents for the online learning organization system in the future.  

 KAIST College of Business decided to strengthen Finance MBA education, and being selected as an outstanding college of KOICA, as well as signing the MOU contract in May is evidence of this. Kim Dong Seok, the dean of KAIST College of Business said that “Taking this opportunity created by being selected as an outstanding school, we will do our best to increase satisfaction by reinforcing the education and programs for international students.”

Link: http://www.fnnews.com/news/201505070924337499

Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )