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KAIST College of Business (KCB), students from 22 countries participate in Korean Finance course.2016-01-29Hit:3660

KCB reported that 34 students from 22 countries took part in financial management and finance policy course this year.

In this course, students from various countries in various continents (Germany, Netherlands, Ethiopia, Uganda, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh from Northern Europe, Africa and Asia) participated.

Debate was held on each country’s financial status throughout the course.

Students from Northern Europe talked about Northern Europe’s supporting policy to recover from financial crisis and Daniela from Equador shared his experience when Equador escaped from the danger of foreign exchange speculators.

“Majority of the students were surprised by the rapid development of Korean economy and finance industry, which was once one of the least developed among less developed countries…Moreover, it meant a lot to me seeing students learn from Korea’s case, and gain hope and encouragement regarding the situation their countries are currently at” said professor Park.

KCB is providing Finance MBA education for students from developing countries and was selected as the 2015 KOICA University of the year.

Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )