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A Song by CEOs at a KAIST EMBA Completion Ceremony2016-03-09Hit:1315

KAIST College of Business provides a number of executive education programs. One is called Advanced Innovative Management Program (AIM) for senior executives. On 21st, January, there was a completion ceremony for the 43rd AIM graduates, which was held at KAIST College of Business. 

A total of 21 graduates were present for the completion ceremony. Among them, six graduates, who are currently at the executive level, celebrate the ceremony by singing a song together.  

They successfully sung ‘One bright day in October’, and a Napoli folk song ‘Puniculi Puniculi’ with a nice harmony. The attendees applauded loudly and celebrated their graduation with much joy. 

The choir members first met at a school workshop and gathered peers who might be interested in singing. Then the choir was organized from September, and since then they practiced singing once a week. One of their colleagues was a professional musical singer, Bae Da Hae (32) who helped the choir through vocal training and music lessons.  

Lee Yong (CEO of SES, 54) smiled broadly as he said, “I actually changed the way I speak through a vocal training.” Nam Yong Mi (Director at ING), the only lady at the choir, reminisced by saying “I felt like I was taking exams till the last day of my school. Now that it’s all over, I feel so free.” 

A conductor of this choir is Professor Ahn JaeHyun who stated that “At school, I have had a quality of time with students though learning hard science and new knowledge. This time, I could fulfill my soft and emotional needs through the choir. I hope this kind of tradition by students continues for a long time.”

Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )