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“Global Top 20 within the next 10 years” Kaist College of Business Announced Its Vision Statement on Its 20th Anniversary2016-04-28Hit:801


“Global Top 20 within the next 10 years”


Kaist College of Business Announced Its Vision Statement on Its 20th Anniversary


“This year marks the 20th Anniversary of KAIST College of Business. Up to now, we have strongly walked forward and now we are ready to open a new chapter of our history. KAIST College of Business will transform itself with a new vision through its global competitiveness and expertise in technology and business.” (Prof. Kim Tong Suk, Dean of KAIST College of Business)


KAIST College of Business held its 20th Year Anniversary Vision Statement Ceremony on the afternoon of April 8th at Dongdaemungu, Hoegidong, Seoul. The anniversary commemorates the 20 year history of KAIST College of Business. As the first full-time MBA program, it was launched in 1995. Through its anniversary, it reaffirmed its vision to be a global top 20 business school by 2025. Its long-term future plan and its growth strategy was announced to professors and students of KAIST College of Business who were present altogether in order to celebrate the special day.


Integrating Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management with the College of Business

KAIST College of Business was transformed from KAIST Graduate School of Techno-Management. Since its inception it has been at the forefront of educating business leaders by offering a variety of programs including Finance, Information Technology and Media, Social Enterprise, and Green Growth. All these programs cover important business issues in the 21 century in order to foster business leaders who have special expertise, rather than basic general knowledge.


Professor Kim Tong Suk (Dean, KAIST) presented the school’s vision and said, “KAIST College of Business will be a leading business school globally by integrating technology with business.”


The integration of technology and business has already started. On March 1st, KAIST College of Business integrated the Graduate School of Innovation with Technology Management in order to solidify the IT-based education system and research competence in IT-related fields. President Kang Song Mo (KAIST) also made a similar comment in his speech: “The core competence of KAIST College of Business lies in its vision of integrating technology and business.”


The Achievements Reveal Its Success

According to the Financial Times (FT) Ranking, in 2011 KAIST College of Business was listed as one of the top 100 best business schools in the world, which was the first in Korea. Also, it is accredited by three international organizations: AACSB, EQUIS, and GMAC. On November, 2013, it became a member of PIM (Partnership in International Management) and again showed its global excellence.


The alumni track-record for PhD students is extraordinary when compared to other domestic business schools. About 44% have become professors at universities, not just in local schools but also in internationally. They include, National University of Singapore, Sydney University in Australia, Cass Business School in the UK, and Jiaotong University in China. 


Professor Youngbae Kim (KAIST) said, “The aim for the MS-PhD Program is to educate future business scholars. Our PhD graduates are top-notch in terms of their employment when compared to any other domestic business schools.”


On the Anniversary event, CEO Choi Tae Won (SK) received an Award of Appreciation. Emeritus professors Sung-Joo Park and Byong-Hun Ahn also received the same award.


SK has led the ‘SK Social Entrepreneur Center’ and opened the first Social Entrepreneurship MBA Program in Korea in order to form an eco-system for social enterprises. CEO Choi Tae Won (SK) said, “SK knows the importance of education and that SK will see how KAIST advances itself to foster our future leaders who will lead Korea in the near future.”

Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )