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Korean PhDs are heading abroad to teach students.2016-07-21Hit:991


Korean PhDs are heading abroad to teach students.

KAIST College of Business Graduates Appointed as Professors at Major Universities in England and China


“Korean PhDs are well recognized – they are not devalued in Europe or Asia.” (Jae Hun Jeong, 28)

“There is a great interest and awareness of universities in Korea during interviews for selecting professors in China.” (Jun Young Lee, 27)


Korean PhD graduates appointed as professors at major universities abroad have been given the spotlight. This August, KAIST College of Business PhD candidates Jae Hun Jeong (Accounting Major) and Jun Young Lee (Information System Major) will be appointed as faculty members. PhD candidate Jeong will join Cass Business Graduate School of City University in England and PhD candidate Lee will join the University of Science and Technology of China, both as Assistant Professors. Having graduated from science high schools, both of them walked a similar path. Jeong graduated from Daegu Science High School and Lee graduated early from Chungbuk Science High School. After high school graduation, Jeong and Lee entered KAIST and majored in Industrial Systems and Engineering as undergraduates. Afterwards they joined KAIST College of Business as PhD students.

On their respective research fields, Jeong commented, “My research focused on relating and analyzing the managerial decisions and anomalies in the stock market to accounting.” Lee explained, “I focused on using information systems to contribute to a company or how information systems can be used to improve communication and share information.”

The language barrier was their primary concern and prevented them from considering going abroad in the first place. Jeong reminisced, “I almost wasn’t admitted to graduate school because of my low English score” and “I was able to improve my English by spending time with foreign exchange students.” Lee also added, “It was stressful not knowing English.” And “I was able to get over my fear of English by consistently taking lectures in English and attending conferences abroad, which led to my dream of living abroad.”

The two expressed confidence as researchers and professors. Jeong explained, “My goal is to become a recognized academic and professor by active participation in research and conferences.” He also added, “Now, I will not be limited by the country and will be able to accept opportunities regardless of the where it is.” Lee claimed, “Being recognized as a researcher and an academic is of utmost importance and one day, I wish I could advise students in Korea.”

To conclude, both advised students who wish to go abroad not to be afraid and take on the challenge. Jeong explained, “Individual ability is important but working in a good environment has a great impact on performance.”

KAIST College of Business had its 20th anniversary this year and has produced 23 professors who are working or have worked abroad. Out of the nine to-be graduates this August, three, including Jae Yoon Yoo have been appointed as professors at Erasmus University. Jeong and Lee are thus far, the youngest graduates to have received appointments.

Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )