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KAIST College of Business provides a laboratory for all students: nurturing leaders for the fourth industrial revolution2017-11-28Hit:3149

The goal of KAIST College of Business (according to Dean Kim, Young-bae) is to foster ‘indiviiduals with a convergent mindset’ who understand both technology and management. The school has its strengths in catching rapid changes in technology trends and incorporating them into management education. Offering a laboratory for all of the full-time students and opening MBA courses through internet broadcasts are prominent points of differentiation from other schools.

○ An MBA programs specialized in the 4th Industrial Revolution has become popular

KAIST is strengthening its ‘Big Data and Business Analytics’ curriculum and is providing a customized curriculum for each program in response to the fourth industrial revolution so as to foster talented individuals who can find meaningful ‘real information’ from the overflow of information and data, and those who have the ability to read the market trends. The fourth industrial revolution is a huge wave that is changing the paradigm of management and industry around the world.

In the Techno-Management MBA program, starting with learning programming skills necessary for quantitatively analyzing management issues, the students learn about big data and statistics. Through management engineering based analysis, these skills can be applied in various fields such as marketing, finance, economics and information technology (IT) management.

The Information Media MBA provides a curriculum that facilitates an understanding of the media industry through large-scale data analysis from an Internet-of-Things (IoT)-based environment. Students learn how to build a database, run an experiment to collect data, and analyze the data with various statistical techniques. The main goal of IMMBA program is not only to develop practical skills but also to develop integrated thinking ability. The Master’s program in Financial Engineering, in cooperation with the Department of Computer Science at KAIST, offers finance-IT integrated education in order to train FinTech experts.

KCB brings together all the competencies KAIST and reflects them in the curriculum. Moreover, education is not simply limited to the integrated programs for the fourth industrial revolution. KCB also runs a master's degree program called Social Entrepreneurship MBA, for innovative social entrepreneurs and social value creators, and an MS in Green Policy to nurture global experts on green policy who can analyze management and policy issues related with green growth.

○Laboratory for full-time students, online broadcasts

KAIST started giving lectures through online broadcasts in September 2015 in order to practice the idea of sharing knowledge and creating more value and fulfilling its social responsibilities. The broadcasts provide unprecedented around the world, real-time, and interactive lectures. Initially, the broadcasts were only available to the students, alumni, and faculty members. Since January, they have been made available to the public. The MBA lectures are provided every Thursday night, at 9:00 pm, in real-time, and alumni and students participate as anchors.

KCB is also the only MBA school in the world that provides laboratories for all of the full-time students that are accessible 24/7. Laboratories are assigned to students considering their nationality, previous experience, gender and age. In particular, one or two foreign students are included in each laboratory so that students from around the world can interact together. The dean, Prof. Kim, Young-bae, said, “Students can naturally learn how to communicate, persuade, and work with other people. Our educational goal is more than just pursuing knowledge. We want to raise heart-warming managers.”

In recent years, KCB has strengthened its curriculum and support for the start-ups. This year, for the first, it will is holding the “KAIST Hongreung 2017” event for business start-ups (start-up venture companies) for KAIST graduates. KCB alumni who are now venture capitalist, consultant, and CEOs will participate in the event.

Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )