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KAIST doing research on the latest IT trends, nurturing globally talented Individuals.2017-12-11Hit:853

KAIST Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management focuses on fostering future talented individuals that will lead social innovation based on the fusion of technology, management, and innovation.

What differentiates the curriculum of KAIST is that it provides diverse technology courses to deepen understanding of the latest high technology trends. The high-quality faculty of KAIST offers technology courses that play a pivotal role in Korea’s industry, including bio, nanotechnology, environmental technology, information and communication technology, robot industry, and the fourth industrial revolution-related technology. Classes often take the form of team education in which a number of professors work together to communicate a comprehensive viewpoint on various issues.

KAIST's technology courses share wisdom in terms of technology commercialization and a technology development roadmap for the latest trends and the future of the technology. It is especially noteworthy that a book entitled “The Future of Smart Technology,” which is written by the students through a one-year research project on what they learned from the class and field experience, was selected as the best academic book by the Korean Academy of Sciences in 2017, and was distributed to public libraries, universities, and research institutes.

KAIST provides a Capstone course to integrate knowledge acquired through graduate courses including High Technology, Management, Technology Commercialization, and Innovation. Students can actually experience the commercialization of technology through team-level collaboration. Through the process, students can experience a company’s innovation process based on field experience and skills.


KAIST I&TM provides students a global education so that the students can grow into international leaders and decision-makers. Students interested in a career in technology need to have a broad understanding of various fields and a wide range of ways of thinking in line with the convergent development of technology. To avoid misjudgment and incorrect decision-making, one needs to learn business knowledge as well as management techniques. Students of KAIST I&TM learn the basic theories of new technology in the field of new leading business, the connection of the techniques with society and their influence from the viewpoint of business, consumer, government and various institutions.


KAIST I&TM is also striving to establish various international networks. Each year, students can attend a six-week short-term study program at Binghamton New York State University in the United States. They conduct a joint project with local students on investigating how the technology commercialization and technology transfer of US companies are achieved. Three to four students each year have participated in the program, which began in 2011.


In accordance with the consensus need for a technology management model suitable for Asia, the Asia MOT Alliance is formed in association with the National University of Singapore, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Tsinghua University to hold annual seminars, and exchange research ideas in order to seek a technology management model suitable for the social and economic reality of Asia.


In addition, to provide the opportunity to get acquainted with the rapidly changing industrial field knowledge and to incorporate it into the theory, KAIST I&TM runs the Technology Management Research Society.


Lee, DukHee, Dean of KAIST I&TM, said, “We will provide the knowledge and techniques necessary for entrepreneurship and management, and will challenge students to discover their creative thoughts through classes.” And, he emphasized, “Our graduate school will be the best for those who pursue creativity and challenge through practice.”

For more information about the KAIST I&TM, please visit the homepage or contact the school by phone. 

Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )