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Step by Step? Donation of love2017-12-11Hit:2922

Chef Kim, Do-young, donated 10 million won to us, “use it for purchasing tickets for the Pyeongchang Paralympics”

An accumulated fund from every kilometer run by Moon, Song-Chun (Professor of KAIST) and Kangwon Podori helps our neighbors

Kim, Do-young (54), a chef who had to abandon the full course of the Chuncheon Marathon 2017 because of a cramp in his foot, smiled sadly. He donated 10 million won to us, requesting that we buy tickets for the Pyeongchang Paralympics for the youth with disabilities. He suffered from poliomyelitis when he was two years old and his right leg is a little uncomfortable. In 2012, he tried to challenge the Chuncheon Marathon, but gave up because he thought he could not make it. After that, he applied for the Chuncheon Marathon for 3 consecutive years, and repeatedly missing it. Then, last year, Kim courageously finished the New York Marathon in November. Having completed the Tokyo and the Berlin Marathon this year, he chose the Chuncheon Marathon as the first full-crossover stage in Korea. “The Chuncheon Marathon course is much harder than the famous marathon courses abroad. I will prepare for this and finish it next year.”

Although they all live in different places, have different jobs, and are of different age, they all have the same passion for marathons. Kim, Do-young (leftmost in the photo), dreaming of completing six marathons in the world, and Professor Moon, Song-Chun (middle), the first Ph.D in computer science in Korea, and the members of Kangwon-do (on the right in the photo) Police Marathon Club participated in the Chuncheon marathon.


Professor Moon Song-Chun (65), a professor at KAIST, has also continued to participate in his 17th Donation Marathon in Chuncheon this year. He donates 421,500 won, 10 won per one meter whenever he completes a full marathon (42.195 km).

Professor Moon said, “I do not think someone can complete a marathon alone. I started with the thought that if I cannot do this unless there are volunteers and staff members to help me with my progress.”
He himself has donated about 20 million won, and his acquaintances over 30 million won, and over 50 million won in total. He plans on donating this year’s Chuncheon Marathon Donation Fund to Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI). A KFHI spokesperson said that about 3,000 marathoners visited the booth of the Stop Hunger Campaign, which was set up at the Chuncheon Marathon.

20 members of ‘Gangwon Podori Marathon Club (Kangpo Ma)’ belonging to Gangwon Provincial Police Agency also made donations. They participate in various marathons every year, accumulating 100 won per kilometer, and they donate briquettes to neighbors in difficulty at the end of each year. Kangpo Ma, formed in 2001, has contributed about 20 million won during the last 17 years.

Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )