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KAIST College of Business opens 'KCB Startup' Website2019-03-13Hit:1127

KAIST College of Business announced that the school has opened ‘KCB Startup’, webpage for its startup program on February 1st.

KAIST College of Business has been focusing on cultivating start-up talent that will lead the fourth industrial revolution, and the start-up program homepage is part of the support effort of the school. The new MBA program, “Startups and New Business Track” was established last year. In addition, a start-up program minor track began this year. KCB Startup Program has provided students with the opportunity to start their own businesses with easy access to the information, as well as strengthening entrepreneurship education.

The KCB Startup homepage is divided into 6 categories: KCB Startup introduction, the Curriculum, the Support Program, Start-up Manuals, Start-up Stories, and Community.

In the 'Curriculum' category introduce the curriculum for each entrepreneurial program, including the entrepreneurship program of KAIST College of Business and the social venture program. The information about seminar schedule, events, start-up mentoring, summer programs, residency and facility guidance are available in the “Support Program” category.

The contents of the "New Business Start-ups" (this category was not listed above!) category are specially written by Professor Lee Doo-joon and Professor Bae Jong-tae, which will help students and alumni start venture businesses or plan new business within a company. The venture startup and growth process are explained in five steps from idea discovery to business model establishment, business feasibility assessment, product development and customer acquisition, customer retention and business expansion.

The category of ‘Start-up Stories’ shows the path that KAIST College of Business has followed to become the 'cradle of venture start-ups’. ‘Start-up Stories’ provides examples of various start-ups ranging from first-generation venture start-ups, such as I Love School and Cyworld, to the Buruguru, which was founded in 2017. In addition, the webpage will continuously provide useful industry news and the status of the businesses established by alumni.

Professor Bae Jong-tae, who organized the KCB Startup homepage, said, “KAIST College of Business will diversify and actively pursue the start-up program in 2019. KCB Startup Program is expected to further develop the vision of creating new start-ups and business models.”


In addition, as part of its efforts to nurture start-up talent, KAIST College of Business is continuing to provide space for start-up entrepreneurs. Five seminar rooms on the second floor of the SUPEX Management Hall are equipped with state-of-the-art video conferencing systems and one monitor for each space. The seminar rooms are for networking and collaboration in order to enhance creativity.

Ten study rooms have been completely renovated, and they are called Spark rooms. Spark rooms are equipped with new-style cooling and heating systems, and old monitors and equipment were replaced with state-of-the-art equipment, creating a space where students can smoothly start their own business.

In addition, KAIST College of Business Startup Bootcamp is being held on March 1-2. The school will invite domestic and international experts including Professor Lee In, from the National University of Singapore as speakers and mentors to give intensive mentoring to early founders and preliminary founders who will explain their business models, and to give special lectures on business start-up strategies.

Kim Young-bae, Dean of KAIST College of Business, said, "KAIST is a cradle of venture start-ups that has helped to lead the first venture boom, and is focusing on fostering entrepreneurs who will lead the fourth industrial revolution.  I hope that many students and alumni will be able to get information about start-ups that will help them run their businesses successfully. "

Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )