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Guide of the Period for Add/Drop & Withdrawal 2019 Spring 2nd semester 2019-03-20Hit:304

  • WriterKim HyeKyung
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The following is a notice for course offerings and add/drop & withdrawal for course registration 2019 Spring 2nd semester. 

Please keep the schedule in mind and do not miss the scheduled period. 



1. Procedure

Portal( http://portal.kaist.ac.kr Academic system  Class Enrolment  Course Registration or Add/Drop(half semester)


2. Course Change Period

[week 9-16 courses]  

- 2nd half Semester (week 9-16): March. 29(Fri.) 12:30 ~ April 4(Thur.) 23:59 


3. Course Drop Period

[week 9-16 courses]  

- 2nd half Semester (week 9-16): April 5(Fri.) 12:30 ~ April 18(Thur.) 23:59

 Courses dropped during this period are excluded from grade assessment and marked on your score records as “W”(Withdraw).


4. Add and Drop Procedures & Notice 

1) Access to Portal( http://portal.kaist.ac.kr)

    * Log on to Portal(http://portal.kaist.ac.kr) with your Portal ID and Password

           * Access to 'Academic system' on Hot Menu

           * Check the courses and syllabuses offered for Fall session

              : Portal->Academic system-> Class Enrolment -> Course Registration

           * Add Courses with ‘Application’ button or Drop the courses with ‘Delete’ button

2) System Open Hours : from 12:30 on the beginning day to 23:59 on the ending day

3) Students who did not register for spring courses during the registration period are also allowed to register

during the add & drop Period using the web system.(Within the student number limit of each course)

4) Proxy is not available, you have to access by your own ID.

(Reference phone number about Portal ID: Tel. 042-350-4109)

5) Re-registration is not available unless you are a graduate or Ph. D student who received a 'F' grade

in required courses(Mandatory general courses, Mandatory major courses).    


       5. Notice  

1) Students failing to register for courses on-line for various reasons should

         - complete the ‘Add/drop form' [attached files] with Course code, class # , course name, # of credits, make-up class

         - obtain course instructor's signature

         - submit the form to the KCB Academic & Student Affairs Team by 18:00 April 4

        KCB Academic & Student Affairs Team won't accept the Add/drop form after the deadline (April 4 at 6:00 p.m.) 


2) The number of credits graduate students can take each semester is over 9 credits (full-time students), over 1 credits (part-time students).

However, students can register the maximum 18 credits(full-time students), 12 credits(part-time students) with an approval of their academic advisor and

the head of their department.(with confirmation (signature) of advisor and the head of the department on the application form) 


3) After Course Add/Drop Period(April 4), students cannot register for courses. 


 If you have any questions or request, please contact your major office. 

Contact : Lee, Jisun ( jisunlee@kaist.ac.kr )