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Academic Reinstatement for the 2020 Fall Semester 2020-07-07Hit:58

  • WriterHanseul Hwang
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Students expected to return to school 2020 Fall Semester must apply reinstatement during the designated period with approval of your academic advisor and the head of your department/program on the Academic System.


According to the Academic Rules and Regulation Section 4, Article 34,returning students failing to register reinstatement during the designated period and to pay their tuition fees during the registration period are subject to dismissal from their program. Students who are expected to return to school 2020 Fall Semester but planning to extend one's leave of absence must apply for extension for leave of absence by Aug. 7, 2020.


* 2020 Fall Semester begins on Monday, August 31


1. Application of Reinstatement

A. Reinstatement Application period : Monday, Aug. 3, 2020~ Friday, Aug. 7, 2020

Apply reinstatement on the Academic System during the designated period.

Procedure : Academic RecordsApply School register changeApplication of ReinstatementMental health checkups for returning studentsGet approvals from your advisor and the head of department

Mental health checkups for returning students:

- KAIST Clinic website(https://clinic.kaist.ac.kr/eng/checkup) login by KAIST portal ID login Health Checkup Mental health Screening Mental health Screening for returning students Result will be available after the test is completed (58 questions, takes about 10 minutes)

- When applying for reinstatement, students must complete the “Mental health screening for returning students” at the KAIST Clinic website.

submit a physical check-up or chest x-ray report(examined within 6 months)

- Main Campus(Daejeon) dormitory applicants must submit the report within the designated period.

- Submission : to healthmanger@kaist.ac.krby 2020.7.14.(Tue).

- Contact : 042-350-0525(KAIST Clinic)

Students failing to apply for reinstatement will be dismissed in accordance with the Academic Rules and Regulations.

Students planning to get dismissed by not returning to school or not registering, please notify it to ART in advance.

Students planning to extend leave of absence, please apply for extension of leave of absence within reinstatement period.


B. Students who are on leave of absence due to their military service must attach one copy of their resident certificate or the certificate of discharge/military service

Attach copy of their resident certificate or the certificate of discharge/military service on which their duration of the service and the date of discharge are written at the Academic System

Students expected to be discharged from the military service should apply for reinstatement along with the certificate of expected discharge/military service, or other documents which can prove your expected dischargeissued by their military unit on the Academic System.


C. Information of a guarantor who approves the reinstatementmust be included in the Reinstatement application. After a student applies for it, he/she should get approvals of an academic advisor and the head of department on the Academic System.

Guarantor information

1) Undergraduates : their parent's information

2) Master's and Doctoral students

- General scholarship : information of the head of organization granting the scholarship

- National scholarship, or KAIST scholarship: their parent's information



2. Tuition payment (via internet or electronic bank service)

Payment methods and individual payment status will be announced on of the KAIST Home Page after early August. Students can pay the fees using internet banking or CD/ATM.



3. Matters to be attended to for students on leave of absence due to military service

A. Military leave of absence: If students are discharged from military service earlier than the approved deadline of their leave of absence, theymust return to school immediately after semester in which the date of discharge falls. If they do not return to school, be aware that from the semester after discharge to the approved deadline of their leave of absence(formerly due to military service) will be treated as general leave of absence.


B. If the date of discharge happens to be later than the deadline of leave of absence, the certificate of military service(signed by a commander of their military unit) should be attached along with the leave of absence(extend) application on the Academic System.


C. Students on military leave of absence (who completed their military service) wanting to return to school during the semester can return to school according to Guidelines on Enrollment and Course Registration Procedures article 5.

However, course registration regarding reinstatement is possible only until course add/drop period and students absent from more than one-third of classes of a course conducted over one semester shall not be allowed to sit for the exam according to Guidelines on Curriculum Management article 23. Please note to the above.

Students wanting to return to school during the semester on military leave of absence(who completed their military service)

1) Letter of recommendation for reinstatement by the commander of the unit : Confirmation and recommendation whether student can participate in class from the beginning of the semester using the official leave

2) Statement of Reason : The reason for returning to school, and statement that student will bear any disadvantages that may occur regarding registration/enrollment/attendance due to discharge after the beginning of the semester(student number, name, and signature required)

3) Certificate of expected discharge



4. Miscellaneous

A. Notices regarding reinstatement will be announced on KAIST Homepage News- Notice (http://www.kaist.ac.kr) or Portal Notice(https://portal.kaist.ac.kr). No e-mail will be sent to individual student.


B. Course Registration for students who are expected to return to school is the same as current students.

(Please check the relevant bulletin boards at portal notice for matters to be prepared before returning to school such as Dormitory or Scholarship application.)


Course registration period : Monday, Aug. 10, 2020~ Friday, Aug. 14, 2020

12:30 ~ 23:59 on Aug. 10(Mon) (Open enrollment without ceilings for all the courses)

* Aug. 11(Tue) : No registration is possible

* Final student lists for the courses will be announced before 12:00, Aug.12(Wed)

Students will be randomly selected for the courses that exceed their enrollment ceilings; final student lists for the courses will be announced.(on portal)

12:30 on Aug.12(Wed)~ 23:59 on Aug.14(Fri)

Students may register for the remaining courses on a first-come first-serve basis.


Add/Drop Period : Monday, Aug. 24, 2020~ Monday, Sept. 7, 2020

1) Undergraduate program

Opening hours of course registration system : Time slots for course drop and course registration will be given separately every day during the period.

Course drop 00:00(night) ~ 12:00(daytime)

Course registration 12:30(daytime) ~ 23:59(night)

2) Graduate program

The registration system opens from 00:00 on August 24 to before 23:59 on September 7



5. Please contact the team involved for more information

Seoul Campus : College of Business_ Academic & Student Affairs Team ( T. 02-958-3211)

Contact : Lee, Jisun ( jisunlee@kaist.ac.kr )