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2020 Fall Semester Course Add/Drop Period 2020-08-13Hit:78

  • WriterHwang Hanseul
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1. Add/Drop Period(*week 1-8 / 1-16 courses) Monday, August 24, 2020 ~ Monday, September 7, 2020

※ Add/Drop Period(week 9-16 courses) : Monday, October 26, 2020 ~ Monday, November 2, 2020



2Opening hours of course registration system 00:00 on Monday, August 24 ~before 23:59 on Monday, September 7    

(Course registration is available in Portal System only not available on mobile devices)



3. How to : Connect to Portal(http://Portal.kaist.ac.kr)

-> Add new classes or drop/change classes at Course Registration or Course Registration(Exceptions) Menu.



4. Procedure

1) Log on to Portal(http://portal.kaist.ac.kr) with your Portal ID and Password

2) Access to 'Academic system' on Hot Menu

3) Class Enrolment -> 'Course Registration’ Click

4) Check the courses and syllabuses offered for Fall session

※ Check for Class type : [Academic System] > ‘Courses Offered’> ‘Course Title’> ‘memo’

→ Refer to Portal Notice : https://portal.kaist.ac.kr/ennotice/student_notice/11594274923963

5) Add Courses with ‘Application’ button or Drop the courses with ‘Delete’ button



★ Students failing to register for courses at Course Registration menu for various reasons should try applying at Course

    Registration(Exception) menu.

? Students must check course registration status at academic system after obtaining approvals from course professor at

   ‘Course registration(exception) menu’.

※ ‘Course registration(exception) menu’ will be closed two working days before the course Add/Drop period ends. Applications that

    remain unapproved until two working days before the course Add/Drop period ends will be automatically cancelled.

   Students must take the necessary measures before the deadline.

※ For Fall semester, Online Approval System ends at 9/3(Thurs), 23:59 which is 2 working days before the deadline of

    Course Add/Drop period.

※ Refer to the notice (Launch of Online Approval System for Course Add/Drop period) :



? If necessary, students should submit ‘Course Add/Drop Application(graduate)’ form to the KCB Academic & Student Affairs Team

   with the signatures from the relevant faculty by working hour(9/7. Mon. 18:00) of course Add/Drop period.

※ Academic Forms (NO.12) : https://www.kaist.ac.kr/en/html/edu/031007.html


5. Matters that require your attention

1) You're required to apply for the course, during the add and drop period, using Academic System on Portal

   (http://portal.kaist.ac.kr). (not available on mobile equipment)


2) Online application system requires a portal access (with PORTAL ID)

※ For more information regarding PORTAL ID, access https://iam.kaist.ac.kr


3) The number of credits graduate students can take each semester is between 9 and 12 credits(full-time students),

   between 1 and 9 credits(part-time students). However, students can register maximum 18 credits(full-time students),

   12 credits(part-time students) with an approval of their academic advisor and the head of their department.

   (with confirmation of advisor and the department head at Course Registration(Exception) menu),



※ (Important) Expulsion and Academic warning

- After Course Add/Drop Period(September 7), students cannot register for courses.

- Please refer to the regulation that students who does not register courses will be expelled(School regulation Article 34, Clause 4)

  and who register under ‘minimum credits per semester(undergraduate 12, graduate(full-time) 9, graduate

  (part-time) 1)’ will get academic warning.(School regulation Article 71, Article 86 Clause 1)



6. Further information

KCB Academic & Student Affairs Team (hanseuli@kaist.ac.kr), 02-958-3211


Contact : Lee, Jisun ( jisunlee@kaist.ac.kr )