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McKinsey-KAIST Report examines the Korea’s current IT management issues. 2002-12-24Hit:8906

In partnership with McKinsey & Company, KAIST Graduate School of Management undertook study on the Korea’s current IT management issues. The McKinsey-KAIST Report, titled "Korea IT Strategy Report: Capturing Value from IT Investment", provides a comprehensive picture of IT management issues among CEOs and senior executives in Korea, including: the current status of Korean IT management practices; market dynamics for IT services and vendors; major challenges; and opportunities for most effectively addressing those challenges. The study was conducted by survey questionnaire and participation in face-to-face interviews with 25 Korea’s top 100 companies. The report outlines key findings including: - IT management is in the early stage of maturity in Korea - Korea has the opportunity to learn from advanced market experiences to capture significant value from IT investment - The link between business and IT needs strenthening - IT organizations need a new governance model - Technically diven projects don’t maximize value In order for Korean firms to strengthen IT business and to maximize vaule, the report suggests to elevate the strategic importance of IT, to adopt "federal" organization models and to increase the focus on driving business value from IT investment.
Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )