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CKJ (China-Korea-Japan) Workshop2010-06-24Hit:2759

‘Recognition ability’, ‘Timely decision’, ‘Securing and utilizing resources’, ‘Learning ability through sharing and acquiring knowledge’ and ‘Fast adaptation of changes in technology and market fundamentals’ – These are the five core competence of Asian corporations discussed with Professor Park Sung Joo at the 3rd annual “CKJ Workshop” held during June 10th~June 12th at the Hongreung campus of KAIST Business School.

Professor Park highlighted that many Asian corporations have their own excellent growth potentials based on these five core competences; however, many currently depend on the westernized business models. He believes that more research on the effective development of these corporations should be carried out to maximize their potentials.

Asakawa Kazuhiro, professor at Keio University in Japan, commented that, “In 1993, Japan exhibited a market share of 95% in the world’s FPD (Flat Panel Display) market; however, with recent advancement of Korean and Taiwanese technology, Japan’s market share dropped vigorously to mere 13%”. In order to compete efficiently in this market, Professor Asakawa suggested Japanese manufacturers to learn from Korea and Taiwan when necessary, to acknowledge competition and to develop innovative technology in the new market.

Gao, professor at Chinghua University in China, pointed out that Chinese corporations must expand its investment in R&D areas in order to compete with multi-national corporations in the global market. Professor Gao criticized that passive investment in R&D and excessive dependence on the already existing R&D technology of multi-national corporations has been a reason for Chinese manufacturers’ lack of technological advancement.

“This workshop will help many Asian business leaders to re-think the business procedures and develop new ways for further advancement of Asian corporations,” said Kim Young Gul, Dean of KAIST Info & Media. The 3rd annual “CKJ Workshop” was hosted by KAIST Business School with sponsoring from Maeil Business Newspaper.

Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )