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Global MBA program2011-07-05Hit:3670

Think Globally & Engage Locally
Nurturing talents that practice
the globalization of managemently
launching a Global MBA program

KAIST Business School newly opened a global MBA program that starts with fall semester in September. Through this program, KCB plans to increase the proportion of foreign students to 25% and, in turns, leads itself to the global top 50 MBA Program.

Demand for global talents in emerging countries
Recently, as many Korean companies have been stepping up in emerging markets such as China, India, and many South East Asian countries, the demand for talents that understand both Korean culture and its business has been increasing.
The vision of global MBA that kicks off as of this coming fall semester in September is to nurture talents that satisfy both global demand and local demand. Its objective is to supply talented individuals that Korean global companies and multi-national companies need through training in such a way that students can possess both global insight and local mind at the same time in many different industries including not only traditional manufacturing industry but also advanced technology and serviceindustries. “Korean companies have been very aggressive in global market. Especially, there is huge demand for talents who know Korean culture and understand the emerging markets. The global MBA program will play a role to satisfy this need in global market” mentioned Dean Ravi Kumar with strong confidence.

Cooperative exchange programs in progress with prestigious MBA programs in oversea
The duration of global MBA program is 2 years, and if students pursue dual degree program, the duration extends to 2~3 years. In the first year, students are required to take Management strategy, Leadership, Marketing, Supply and Demand Management, Financial Accounting, MIS and more core courses. In the second year,
designing curriculums based on individual’s own interest and background is possible and students are allowed to pursue dual degree and to take courses in other MBA schools in oversea such as U.S, Europe, and China by participating exchange program. To make this possible, KCB signed dual degree MOU with University of Illinois and North Western University and new MOUs with USC, University of Arizona, IE Business School in Spain are under discussion. All courses at KAIST Business School will be taught in English by renowned professors from both KAIST and other prestigious Universities. Also, KCB designed a very differentiated program in a sense that it provides unique opportunities such as company visit and cultural experience to foreign students. It provides many opportunities to understand Korea through offering Korean business culture related courses and a variety of seminars. Especially, the school plans to support many internship opportunities at Korean companies. The global MBA starts to receive applications from April and the first semester starts in September. Foreigners should apply between early and late April. Korean applicants should apply between late April and mid-May. For more information regarding admission, prospective students are encouraged to contact the global MBA office at KCB.

Techno-MBA Office
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webpage: http://www.business.kaist.ac.kr/kgsm

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