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Presenting some excuses, the government may target a specific person’s..2011-12-12Hit:5809

Presenting some excuses that ‘It is impossible to investigate one by one’, the government may target a specific person’s writing.

From 7, Jan, 2012, the government will start regulating and putting restraint on Social Network Service(SNS). The Broadcasting and Telecommunication council said, “It is never a censorship on the public opinion.” However, huge debates over standards and methods of deliberation are expected.

Issues on elections are not the subject of the deliberation. Although the council refutes that the deliberation is an intention to control political expressions before the general election and the presidential election next year, netizens point out the fact that private conversations in Twitter and Facebook can be censored by the government anytime as obstacles to free communication.

Methods of deliberation are also on debate. It would be impossible that only 10 members in council read a number of all writings in Twitter and Facebook and they decide sanctions. Under this circumstance, they could not help but filter some writings which are seen by accident.

Concerning this matter, civic groups argues that the government may abuse the power from the deliberation by heavily censoring a specific person’s writing.

A council official said, “‘since it is impossible for us to investigate one by one, informing the public of the deliberation on SNS, we expect reports from the public.” In this case, however, the plan is also on debate because government agencies are expected to be major reporters.

Even though issues on elections are not included in the subject of the deliberation, whispering campaigns are not easily classified into election purposes and nonelection purposes. Naturally, deliberation system itself could be an issue for a political battle.

In addition, the council is planning to block the all writings of a specific account(ID). However, this method is also on debate. The specific account’s some writings without any problem are automatically blocked, which violates the freedom of expression.

“Even though requesting domestic internet companies block on the harmful information through the deliberation, conglomerates or universities can access the whole contents through their private network instead of domestic internet companies’ network. It is questionable that deliberations on SNS go well” said Prof Park from KAIST business school. A government official said, “Debates over validity and effectiveness of deliberation were inside us.


Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )