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A Book on the India Economy is Published by a Professor at KAIST Busin..2012-01-30Hit:6282

A Book on the India Economy is Published by a Professor at KAIST Business School

After the financial crisis swept the world, two different tracks were formed: developed countries with slow growth and developing countries with high growth. The most prominent countries among these emerging economies are China and India. There seems to be no disagreement that the world"s economic axis is moving to Asia, and the center of such change is China and India.

Both China, which is being transformed from the world’s factory to the world’s market, and India, which has the world’s best competitiveness in information technology (IT) and call center outsourcing, are the world’s economic growth engines and lands of new opportunities.

‘The Economy and Finance of India, a Comparison with China’ This book is written by In-gi Hong, who was a former president of a brokerage firm; chairman of the Korea Exchange (KRX) and now is a Visiting Professor at KAIST. Although Korea is inundated with books about China, there are few relevant books on India.

This book scrupulously considers India"s macroeconomic and monetary policy. In addition, the book is about the history, background, and process of development of India’s banks, securities, financial market, and the growth potential of India. The striking point of this book is the comparison of India to China, which are fated to be rivals on the world stage.


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