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[Special Article] “KAIST MBA is very helpful for making more personal ..2014-05-13Hit:5645

Sang-kyun Kim, Director of Cheil Industries, says “KAIST MBA is very helpful for making more personal connections.”

Sang-kyun Kim, Director of Cheil Industries, says “Students of part-time MBA programs are on the way to becoming board members. They think that these programs are very helpful not only for learning business strategies but also for making more personal connections.”

Kim entered KAIST’s Executive MBA program in 2011. He completed classes opened on Fridays and weekends and received his degree successfully. Kim, already had a Ph.D. in chemistry at Harvard, said that “I had participated in developing electrical materials as a scientist, but I decided to enroll in the MBA program as I took the role as manager. To define business as the way of deriving a desired result from using resources efficiently, I really learned business in the MBA program.

Kim also said that “R&D Projects in the company requires the process of managing a schedule, gathering human power, and evaluating investments. Case studies in MBA courses taught me business strategies related to personnel and organization management, financial accounting, and finding solutions to the problem.”

To the question of holding down a job and studying at the same time, he said “I could do both of them with the support of colleagues and family members. Students should have a strong willingness to study hard considering their solicitude.”

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