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Announcement for 2022 Seoul Campus Dormitory Application for new students 2021-12-01Hit:302

1. Eligible Applicant: New students (ME and MBA) of 2022

2. Application Submission Date

  - IMMBA  :  Dec. 13, 2021 (MON) ~ Dec. 15 (WED)
  - ME and other MBA  :  Jan. 12, 2022 (WED) ~ Jan. 14 (FRI)

All applicants need to submit a certificate of health (standard or government official health check) which was examined after September 1, 2021; Those who fail to submit the document will not be considered.
To download application (File)


3. Registration Process 

Please send your application form and a certificate of health via e-mail or post.  However, if you have received a health medical examination at the KAIST Clinic of Daejeon Campus, please fill up the “health medical examination at the KAIST” on the dormitory remarks column and submit only the application form. When submitting via email, you must attach a proper scanned copy of the health certificate – photo taken by mobile phone will not be considered. E-mail:  atelier@kaist.ac.kr

Address: KAIST Seoul Campus Management Team, 85 Heogiro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul 02455, Korea 

4. Result Announcement (http://www.business.kaist.ac.kr/ : KCB website)
- IMMBA : Dec. 21, 2021 (TUE), Applicants will be notified by E-mail whether they have entered the dormitory or not.

- ME and other MBA  :  Jan. 24, 2022 (MON)

※ If the quarantine pass dormitory residents is applied in accordance with school policy, moving into a dormitory may be restricted.
※ Students from overseas or different provinces are given priority to be selected in case the number of applicants exceeds the capacity

5. Fee Payment (KRW 160,000 per month)

- IMMBA: KRW 1,280,000(double occupancy, pre-pay for 8months, 2022. 1. 3.~2022.8.19.)
  Dormitory payment period  :  Dec. 27, 2021 (MON) ~ Dec. 28 (TUE)
- ME and other MBA  :  KRW 960,000 (double occupancy, pre-pay for 6 months,
   2022. 2.24.~2022. 8.19)
  Dormitory payment period  :  Feb. 7, 2022 (MON) ~ Feb. 9 (WED)
  (Please make your payment with your name or student ID number, and in case the payment was made in another person’s name, please email or call us.)


6. Check-in Date

   1) Jan.  3 (MON), 2022 :  IMMBA

   2) Feb. 24 (THU), 2022 :  ME & other MBA

7. Check-in Process

1) All boarders must submit the results of the PCR inspection(SMS, certificates, etc.) within 48 hours with the Dormitory Check-in Questionnaire.

- Submit the documents to the reception area on the first floor of the dormitory on the day of move-in.

  - If boarders do not submit the documents, boarders are not allowed to stay in a dormitory.

2) All residents will need to confirm with the dorm manager on the 1st floor with his/her 

   personal ID for an official check-in.

3) All residents need to bring his/her personal bedding (pillow, bed linen, blankets), 

   toiletries, and other daily necessities.

※ For safety reasons, all electronic heating instruments including heater, hot pots, rice 

   cooker, mattress pad and cover and any other devices that can start up fire are 

   strictly prohibited in the dormitory.

8. Conditions

1) All residents are prohibited to change rooms or allow others to use your dorm room. If found, he/she will be expelled, subject to restriction for further admissions and the paid fees will not be refunded.      

2) If there is request for room change or check-out due to dorm operation issues, the resident needs to follow the guidelines of the university.  

3) All boarders must comply with the dormitory rules and follow the instructions of the manager  (Those who flout the law will be forced to leave the dormitory)

 - Especially, if there are complaints due to refusal of quarantine and disinfection or noise generation, the dormitory cannot be used.

4) When applying and paying fees for the dormitory, please be reminded that the 

   dormitories on Seoul and Dajeon Campuses are operated separately.

9. For any inquiries or questions, please contact Seoul Campus Management Team. 

   Poklyun OH, Seoul Campus Management Team (☎02-958-3255)

Contact : Lee, Jisun ( jisunlee@kaist.ac.kr )