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  • Professional MBA is the part-time management program. Two evenings per week classes of 3 years. Expedited 2 1/2 year curriculum is also offered. We do not offer distance learning degree programs yet.

  • We take a holistic approach to reviewing a candidate’s admission file, assessing GPA,
    GMAT, work experience, references, essays, and the interview equally.
    GPA is not the only factor considered by the Admissions Committee.
    In evaluating an applicant for admission, the Admissions Committee considers both his/her
    academic and on-academic qualities. In assessing an applicant’s qualities, the committee
    members consider the applicant’s so-called academic indices, i.e., cumulative GPA, GMAT, GRE
    score, as well as his/her record of academic honors, scholarships, career record and other supporting evidences for excellence.

  • · An original score report of official English proficiency test (Above TOEFL PBT 550, CBT 210,
    iBT 80, TEPS 550, IELTS 5.5 and TOEIC (Listening & Reading 750, Speaking level 6, Writing
    level 7) is required to apply.
    · You may ask ETS to send your score report directly to KAIST admissions office within the
    deadline upon arrival. · The official ETS code of KAIST is 0195.
    · Institutional Testing Program (ITP) is not valid.
    · English Lecture Service Certificate is not valid.
    · The test date on the certificates should not be older than two years as from the deadline
    of the online application.
    · Candidates whose native language is English are exempt from submitting the certificate.
    Candidates whose official language is English are NOT exempt from submitting the EPT

  • Although it is not mandatory, students are strongly encouraged to purchase a laptop computer with wireless networking capabilities

  • Full-time work experience is strongly recommended but not required for admission to the MBA program

  • Applicants can show up his/her specialty as a MBA candidate as followings;
    - GMAT / GRE Score
    - Patents
    - Special awards
    - Thesis
    - Licenses
    - Master, Ph.D degrees
    - Others


Contact : Kim, Wonshich ( kwsh93@kaist.ac.kr )