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Contact Information
Research Areas 생산관리, 행태적 생산경영, 경영과학


    University of Cambridge, Ph.D. in Management Studies
    University of Cambridge, M.Phil. in Management Science
    Imperial College London, M.Eng.
Publications & Research

주요논문 (특허등)

    (For full publication list, please visit my personal website https://sites.google.com/site/yunshinlee)

    Kim, H. Y., Y. S. Lee & D. B. Jun (2019) "Individual vs. group: Advice taking in judgmental forecasting adjustments." Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. Accepted.

    Lee, Y. S., D. Ribbink & S. Eckerd (2018) "Effectiveness of bonus and penalty incentive contracts in supply chain exchanges: Does national culture matter?" Journal of Operations Management. 62. 59-74

    Lee, Y. S., Y. W. Seo & E. Siemsen (2018) "Running behavioral operations experiments using Amazon's Mechanical Turk." Production and Operations Management. 27(5). 973-989.

    Lee, Y. S. & E. Siemsen (2017) "Task decomposition and newsvendor decision making." Management Science. 63(10). 3225-3245.

    Lee, Y. S. (2014) "Management of a periodic-review inventory system using Bayesian Model Averaging when new marketing efforts are made." International Journal of Production Economics. 158. 278-289.

    Lee, Y. S. (2014) "A semi-parametric approach for estimating critical fractiles under autocorrelated demand." European Journal of Operational Research. 234(1). 163-173.

    Lee, Y. S. & S. Scholtes (2014) "Empirical prediction intervals revisited." International Journal of Forecasting. 30(2). 217-234.


    Operations Management
    Behavioral Operations Management
    Empirical Operations Management
    Judgmental Forecasting
    Management Science

Behavioral Operations Management(BA871)

    Service Management(MGT692)

      Quantitative Analysis for Management(MGT693)

        Management Statistical Analysis(MGT503)

          Business Analytics(IM561)

            콘텐츠담당자 : 주선희 연락처 : 02-958-3602