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Kim,  Man Ki Adjunct Pofessor 사진
Kim, Man Ki Adjunct Pofessor
Contact Information
  • E-mail.mankikim@kaist.ac.kr
Research Areas Overseas Public Procurement, International Competitive Bids, International Trade
Professor Man Ki Kim is a Program Director for IGMP (IBC & Public Procurement Management Program) and CGPP (Center for Global Public Procurement)of KAIST Business College. He is also a Senior Consultant at Yulchon who specializes in Global Public Procurement. As an expert in Global Public Procurement, he studied and researched various topics and projects for EU, UN, US, MDBs and various countries. Professor Kim studied at King’s College London, Macquarie University in Sydney, as well as at Georgetown University and Dankuk University, and earned his MA in International Marketing from Macquarie University. Professor Kim worked as an executive in various businesses. As such, he has extensive experience in global management and acquisition & contract management in Australia, the U.S., the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Professor Kim is recognized as a leading expert in Defense Procurement, Overseas Public Procurement, and International Competitive Bids, due largely to his experience in these fields.

Professor Kim lived abroad for decades and has received many official accolades, such as the Gold Leadership Award from the Korean American Coalition; Golden Peace Medal from the Federation of the Mongolian Government; National Leadership Award from the National Republican Congressional Committee; and Commendation from the Prime Minister of Korea. Professor is currently advising the Public Procurement Service of Korea, G-PASS Export Association of Korea, Korea Health Industry Development Institute, and other Korean government agencies. He also serves as an advisor for Nonprofit Organizations such as the Inter-Korea Foundation for Health and Medical Education and the Foundation for International Culture & Education.



    King’s College London (Center of European Law Dickson Poon School of Law), EU Public Procurement Regulations (2019)

    United Nations Project Development Procurement (2019)

    World Bank Public Procurement (2017)

    Dankuk University, Ph.D. in Economics (International Finance & Trade) (2006)

    American University, The Center for Asian Studies, Visiting Professor (2002)

    Georgetown University, The McDonough School of Business, Executive Studies, Global Marketing & Strategy (2001)

    Macquarie University, MA in International Marketing (1994)

    University of Technology Sydney, Managerial Skills (1990)


    Yulchon LLC (2017-present)

    KAIST College of Business, International Competitive Bid & Global Public Procurement Management Program (IGMP), Adjunct Professor (2018-present)

    Korea Health Industry Development Institute, GHKOL (ICB) (2017-present)

    Sungshin Women’s University, Global Marketing, Adjunct Professor (2016-2018)

    Korea G-PASS Company Export Association, Advisor (2016-2017)

    Small and Medium Business Administration, Selection Committee for the GMD, B2G (2016-2017)

    Inter-Korea Foundation for Health and Medical Education, Advisor (2015-present)

    Foundation for International Culture & Education, Director (2015-present)

    U.S. Federal Contractor, Advisor (2009-present)

    U.S. Federal Contractor, CEO (2003-2008)

Industry Advisory Activities

    [Research/Project Management]

    Consultancy of Global Public Procurement and Overseas Export Strategy Project (GBDI-II), Public Procurement Service, Project Manager (2019-2020)

    Consultancy of Entry Strategy of UN Public Procurement, Public Procurement Service & Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2019) Consultancy for Korean Health & Medical Industry to participate the ICB at Miltilaternal Development Banks, KHIDI, Project Manager (2019)

    A Study of Marketing Strategy for Korean Defense Industry to the U.S. Defense Supply Chain: Based on the Reciprocal Defense Procurement MOU with the U.S. Department of Defense, Korea Defense Industry Association (2017)

    B2B Consulting of the U.S. Federal government public procurement, W, S, H company (2018-2019)

    EU Public Procurement Law vs. Competition Law; Bid-Rigging & Grouping, Center of European Law Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College (2019)

    EU Public Procurement Directive 2014/24/EU Exclusion grounds; Policy & Implementation, Center of European Law Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College (2019)

    SMEs Public Procurement in EU and Global contexts; Incentive Policy & e-procurement, Center of European Law Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College (2019)

    Entry Strategy for International Public Procurement (U.S., UN, ADB), Busan Economic Promotion Agency (2019)

    A Study on the impact of the Korea-U.S. Reciprocal Defense Procurement MOU, Asia-Pacific Peace Foundation 24-5 (2019)

    Development Strategy of Supply Chain Management Project in Defense Industry, Ministry of National Defense & Korea Defense Industry Association (2019)

    Consultancy of Global Public Procurement and Overseas Export Strategy Pilot Project (GBDI-I), Public Procurement Service, Project Manager (2018-2019)

    Consultancy of the U.S. GSA MAS program, Korea G-PASS Company Export Association (2018-2019)

    Consultancy of the U.S. Public Procurement marketplace for the Medical Industry, KHIDI, Project Manager (2019)

    Capacity Building seminar; International Competitive Bidding in Medical Equipment Industry, Ministry of Health & Korea Medical Devices Industrial Cooperative (2018)

    The Report for the International Competitive Bids for the Health & Medical Projects, Korean Health Industry Development Institute (2017)
    Consultancy of the U.S. VA MAS program, Korean Health Industry Development Institute, Project Manager (2018)

    A Study for the Procurement procedure for the U.S. Department of Defense (Focused on the procedures and processes of obtaining a Facility Clearance and Secret Clearance, Korean Institute for Defense Security (2016)

    The Strategy for Korean Company entering into the U.S. Federal Market, Co-author, Public Procurement Service (2016)

    A Bird with Two Wings-Leadership in a Challenging Market (“Efficiency vs. Effectiveness”), Harvard Extension School (2016)

    A New Paradigm for SWOT Analysis, Harvard Extension School (2015)

    Key Element of Success for Economic Development of Underdeveloped Countries, Harvard Extension School (2015)

    Understanding of Finance, Bobmunsa (2007)

    International Finance (co-author), Bobmunsa (2006)


    Gold Leadership Award, The Korean American Coalition (2007)
    Golden Peace Medal, Federation of the Mongolian Government (2006)
    National Leadership Award, National Republican Congressional Committee (2005)
    Commendation, Prime Minister of Korea (1997)
Contact : Joo, Sunhee ( shjoo2006@business.kaist.ac.kr )

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