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Kim,  Seong Hoon Invited Professor 사진
Kim, Seong Hoon Invited Professor
Contact Information
  • Tel.82-2-958-3475
  • E-mail.simonkim@kaist.ac.kr
Research Areas Smart Energy, Digital Transformation


    The Ohio State University
    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)Chemical Engineering
    1993 - 1996

    Seoul National University
    Master of Science (MS)Mechanical Engineering
    1987 - 1989

    Seoul National University
    Bachelor of Science (B.S.)Mechanical Engineering
    1983 - 1987


    Poongsung Energy
    2018. 8. - 2020. 3.

    * Energy network platform service provider
    * Smart VPP architect
    * Digital EPC and O&M service in Solar power generation

    Adjuct Professor , Graduate School of Green Growth
    KAIST (Korea Advance Institute of Science and Technology)
    2016. 2. - 2020. 2.

    Lecture Green IT, Smart Grid, Electric Vechicle & charging infra, Renewable Energy & ESS.
    Advise Digital transformation method in the field of Energy, Retail, Franchise, IT, Finance, Manufacturing

    * VPP(virtual power plant) Specialist : DR based and DER based system
    * EV Specialist : EV charging infra, motor, invertor, battery
    * PV generation Specialist : Network based PV-gen. , Intelligent O&M, Smart clean & cooling
    * Optimizing energy consumption using energy big data

    Senior Vice President
    2013. 8. - 2016. 7.
    * Head of Smart Energy Business Unit :EV specialist & Charging infra, xEMS, Renewable Energy, ESS, Smart Grid expert

    ㆍLaunched new growth business models in the field of energy new industry
    - Set up platform : Energy IoT, Cloud Computing, Energy big data
    - Energy IoT : LTE based Advanced metering infrastructure, BEMS, CEMS, FEMS
    - Energy Big data : Develop optimized algorithm for EMS and Renewable energy
    - Korea Micro Energy Grid : Develop 12 reference sites including US, EU
    ㆍ Business achievement
    - Smart EV charging infra : Set up 10,000 charging point within 7 month in Korea!
    - BEMS, CEMS, FEMS : Energy saving up to 73%
    - Demand Response : Aggregate electric resource up to 300MW
    - AMI : Winning oversea contract (One million household, USD110M)
    - PV Generation : Upgrade efficiency up to 20%
    - Eco energy independent island : Winning contract with Deok-jok Island
    - Local government LED replacement : Winning contract with Gangwha state

    Iljin Holdingds & Iljin Electric Co.
    2010. 10. - 2013. 7.

    * New Biz development : Smart Energy, Electic Vechile component, New materials of LIB, ESS, Medical device

    * Chief Technology Officer, CTO Office / Head of central R&D center
    ㆍ Launched new growth business models in the field of smart grid
    - AMI, ESS, EMS, PCS, EV (motor, inverter, rapid charging system)
    - Li-ion Battery : Si alloy anode, Al alloy pouch, Flexible battery
    - Laser-jet DDS(Drug delivery system), Brain stimulation…

    Samsung Electronics
    2001. - 2010. 9.9.

    Business Development : ICT based Energy, Healthcare, Enterainment

    Technology Intelligence Director, Corporate Technical Operations
    ㆍSet up the process for technology intelligence of Samsung electronics group
    ㆍPredicted new business opportunity in Bio/Health, Energy, Robot, IT-BT-NT fusion area

    [The List of Technology Intelligence Report written by Seonghoon Kim]
    ㆍ Mobile Healthcare Sensor Platform for Cellular Phone
    ㆍMicro Energy Harvesters
    ㆍNext G. Micro Drug Delivery system
    ㆍ Wearable Robot technology outlook
    ㆍ Intelligent Service Robot Application & Outlook
    ㆍNext G. Solar cell technology outlook
    ㆍ 3-D Micro Packaging technology outlook

    Samsung Information Systems America
    1996. - 2003.7.
    San Jose, USA

    Open innovation in MEMS, Bio-healthcare, new energy

    ㆍ Completed pre-marketing plans and strategies developing core competency in MEMS application.
    - Developed the first strategic plan, product road-map, and operation plan for biochip foundry service.
    ㆍ Established business objectives and marketing strategies for research division by identifying,
    analyzing, and interpreting future market needs and trends for next growth.
    - Collected VOC(voice of customer) and analyzed customer’s needs in the filed of micro-sensors.
    ㆍDeveloped strategic alliances producing joint project and marketing with U.S based MEMS Company.
Contact : Joo, Sunhee ( shjoo2006@business.kaist.ac.kr )

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