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Kim, Sungmin Invited Professor 사진
Kim, Sungmin Invited Professor
Contact Information
  • Office.7208
  • Tel.82-2-958-3452
  • E-mail.smkim5475@kaist.ac.kr
Research Areas


    ?Texas Tech University, Finance Ph.D 1988
    ?Brown University 경제학 석사 1984
    ?연세대학교 경제학 학사 1978


    ?한국과학기술원, 금융전문대학원, 교수, 2011-현재
    ?한국은행 G20 업무단장, 2009-2011
    ?한국은행 대구경북본부장,2008-2009
    ?한국은행 뉴욕사무소 , 워싱턴 주재원,2002-2005
    ?한국은행 금융시장국, 채권시장팀 팀장,1999-2002
    ?한국은행 자금부, 공개시장과 과장,1997-1999
    ?Economist, Central Asia Department, International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C.,1992-1993
    ?한국은행 조사제1부, 통화금융과, 조사역, 1998-1992

Industry Advisory Activities

    ?필리핀 중앙은행 자본시장 발전 담당 자문관
    ?오스트리아 소재 Joint Vienna Institute 강사
    ?IMF 통화외환국 자문관
Publications & Research

Publications (patents, etc.)

    ㆍ"G20 Financial Regulatory Reform: Current Status and Future Challenges", Global Leadership in Transition, Brookings Institution Press, Washington, DC, USA, (Co-authored with Yung Chul Park, June 2011)
    ㆍ"G20: An Insider’s Views," a comment presented at "the Bank of Korea International Conference 2011: Future of the International Financial Architecture," Seoul, Korea, (May 2011)
    ㆍ"IMF Reform: Immediate Agenda and Remaining Challenges", a paper presented at the "Korea-Canada-France G20 Seminar", held at Seoul, Korea (September 2010)
    ㆍ"Korea’s Experience of Crisis and Recovery: Comparing the 1997 Crisis and 2008 Crises", a paper presented at the "Korea-FSB Financial Reform Conference: An Emerging Market Perspective", held at Seoul Korea, (September 2010)
    ㆍ"Selected Issues on International Financial Regulation and Reform", Canada-Korea High-Level G20 Seminar: Report 2010, Ottawa, Canada (April 2010)
    ㆍ"Protecting the Domestic Financial System from Crisis Contagion," SERI Quarterly, Volume 2, Number 3, Samsung Research Institution, (July 2009)
    ㆍ"최근의 환율이슈와 국제 공조," 주제발표 자료, 금융위기와 금융안정에 대한 특별 심포지엄, 재무금융관련 5개 학회 공동 학술대회, 2009년 5월 22일
    ㆍ"글로벌 경쟁시대의 한국경제: 정책패러다임을 바꿔야 한다", 도서출판 해남 (2008년 3월 발간)
    ㆍ "Reforming the Secondary Market for Government Bonds in the Philippines: The Recent Development and Remaining Challenges," a Technical Assistance Report for the central bank of the Philippines as a part of technical assistance project of Monetary Affairs and Exchange Department of International Monetary Fund (February 2005).
    ㆍ "Boom and Bust Cycles of the Korean Corporate Bond Market: Their Causes and Policy Implication," Korea’s Economy 2004, Korea Economic Institute of America, Washington, DC, U.S.A (May 2004).
    ㆍ"Structural Changes of the Corporate Bond Market in Korea after the Currency Crisis," BIS Policy Paper, Bank for International Settlements, (Co-authored with Jae Hwan Park, July 2002).
    ㆍ"Recent Development of Monetary Policy Operating Procedures: The Case of Korea," in Monetary Policy Operating Procedures in Emerging Market Economies, BIS Policy Paper No. 5 , Bank for International Settlements, (Co-authored with Won-Tai Kim, March 1999).
    ㆍ"Monetary Policy Implementation during a Banking and Currency Crisis: The Case of Korea", a paper presented at "Workshop on Monetary Operations", held at Singapore Regional Training Institute of IMF (March 1999).
    ㆍ"Reserve Money Forecasting and Management in Korea," a paper presented at "Base Money Programming Seminar," held at Peoples' Bank of China (October 1998).
    ㆍ"급변하는 금융환경하에서 기업금융의 대응방향과 전략", 대한상공회의소 연구총서, (최장봉 등과 공저, 1991년 11월).
    ㆍ"우리나라 기업의 자본비용에 관한 실증 연구," 한국은행 조사통계월보 (1991년 7월호).
    ㆍ"Interest Rates and Real Economy: A VAR Approach," Quarterly Economic Review, The Bank of Korea (March 1991).
    ㆍ"우리나라의 기업의 자금조달과 운용행태에 관한 실증분석," 한국은행 조사통계월보 (1990년 3월호).
    ㆍ"통화정책 운용목표로서의 통화총량과 시장금리," 한국은행 조사통계월보 (1990년 3월호).
    ㆍ"The prediction of the Default Rate in the Lower-Rated Corporate Bond Market: A Comparison of Three Models of Default Risk Premium," Ph.D. Dissertation, Texas Tech University (August 1988).

Research Areas

    Contact : Joo, Sunhee ( shjoo2006@business.kaist.ac.kr )

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