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China-Korea-Japan Workshop
(Tsinghua-KAIST-Keio Collaborative Program)


This workshop is a meeting for the collaborative research on the Asian management organized by the CKJ (China, Korea, Japan) Center for Global and Asian Management. The CKJ Center is a research platform jointly established by the Tsinghua School of Economics and Management in China, Keio Business School in Japan, and KAIST Business School in Korea to collaborate and to promote the joint research on Asian management.

Academic Research Presentations and Discussions

  • Innovation/Strategy
  • Finance
  • IT/IS
  • Marketing
  • OB
  • OM
  • CSR

Executive Seminar and Forum

  • Asian Management Issues presented by CKJ faculty members.
  • Asian Management Practices presented by CKJ executives.

The CKJ Initiated Project: The Asian Innovation Study

  • Experience of the Asian Innovation Study and Future Direction

Future Plan

  • Grouping the joint research topics and teams
  • Plan of the CKJ research center
  • Alliance with the industries
  • Research funding

China-Korea-Japan Field Study

Techno-MBA Students Only


The purpose of this program is to have students of three countries, China, Korea, and Japan to understand the culture, business environment, industry and companies of the three countries. Students of three schools, Tsinghua, KAIST, and Keio will form multinational teams and study together on the various issues of management in global context. Through the field trip opportunities, students will have a chance to meet face-to-face, do research on a project of real management issues, and produce business case reports. This course will also provide students to have a chance to build a friendship network of future business leaders of China, Korea and Japan.


  • To have MBA students from China, Korea and Japan discuss and interact in order to do a comparative analysis of specific industries within their respective countries.
  • A representative industry from one of the three nations will be chosen and a field study will be conducted by visiting major players within that industry.
  • To discuss and deeply apprehend the vital issues and growth opportunities of the firms the group has visited within the field study.
  • To investigate the key factors and formulated strategies of Asian firms for success within Asian and Global markets.

Procedure & Additional Issues

  • 12 selected students from each school will form multinational teams of 6 persons to work on the term project of their common interest.
  • Initial meeting will be via video conferencing system or Internet.
  • Joint lectures will be offered via video conferencing.
  • Face-to-face meeting and company visits for one week will be conducted by a host school which will be rotated annually.
  • Host school will provide the local expenses including accommodation, foods, and local transportation.
  • Each student is required to pay for their own air travel expenses.
  • Each team will continue to work on team project using video conferencing or Internet. For this, each student should register on Skype and report Skype name to Teaching Assistant to share among the participating students.
  • Final outcome of the course for each team will be a research paper or a case report for one specific company or public organization visited.
  • There will be a portal for the course with proper folders on the Internet and students are supposed to post reports and presentations on the folders in due time.

Term Project

  • Term project is to write a business case of a specific company or policy paper (or research paper) of public organization.
  • Six companies or organizations will be assigned to each of the six teams.
  • The focus of the case or policy report is on the global strategy, especially analysis on the globalization of specific company with a possible additional comparison with the other companies of CKJ countries.
Contact : Lee, Ji Eun ( jelee@kaist.ac.kr )

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