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Welcome to
KAIST College of Business,
fostering convergent talent for technology and management

Dean of KAIST College of Business Kim Youngbae

KAIST College of Business, founded with the goal of ‘fostering convergent talent for technology and management,’ celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.

The history of KAIST College of Business involves the role of being a ‘Leading Innovator in Management Education in Korea.’ We have tried to differentiate ourselves from general business schools by introducing new management education programs based on quantitative analysis that combines technology and management. KCB is the first to offer a US style full-time MBA program in Korea beginning in 1995, and we have opened curriculums in new fields including our masters in Financial Engineering and IT Management. Also, we have consistently strived to innovative management education by launching new programs including Green MBA and Social Entrepreneurship MBA in order to train and nurture students with skills and talent for our society

Educational innovation in KAIST College of Business is internationally recognized; we have earned global management education accreditation by renowned international management certification organizations including AACSB and EQUIS. In 2011, we were ranked as one of the Top 100 MBA programs in the world by the Financial Times – a first for any program in Korea. In addition, the Executive Program has attained remarkable achievements, with a ranking as the top school in Asia by the Financial Times for five consecutive years since 2012.

KCB has private laboratories available 24 hours a day for all full-time students to study, which is unique to KAIST, and unprecedented in the world. Also, through various networking programs set up for students and alumni, KCB promotes the exchange of knowledge and a sense of connectedness, which has been contributing to building a fruitful network of talented students with experienced graduates.

In addition, in accordance with the school’s philosophy of “Beyond Knowledge (creating value for the world and fulfilling social responsibility beyond simple knowledge acquisition)”, by actively participating in activities involving voluntary education programs, blood donations, bazaars, and community service, we foster ‘true leadership and personal growth benefiting society.’

Last year was the 20th anniversary for KAIST College of Business, and we have reached a tipping point for making another jump this year. KCB has merged the School of Business with Technology Management in its plans to accelerate convergent research of technology and management and train students to become convergent scholars. Furthermore, we plan to enhance our system to become one of the world’s top 20 prestigious business schools by 2025. I would like to express my sincere appreciation and support to KAIST College of Business in its efforts to continuously pursuing change and innovation.

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