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KOICA – KAIST Master’s Degree Program in Social Economy

With a mission to nurture talented individuals from developing countries, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology(KAIST) invite competent students from developing countries to help them gain professional and systematic knowledge, cultivating future key figures of their home countries’ development.

KAIST has accumulated valuable experience in the KOICA program. From 2012 to 2019, KOICA-KAIST Master's Degree Program in Finance trained over 90 finance professionals who have contributed to the growth of their countries' financial and capital markets. Students, who had been given the opportunity to see Korea's experience in poverty reduction and socio-economic development, have gained deeper understanding of Korea and are acting as social, political and economic ties between the two nations.

KOICA-KAIST Master’s Degree program in Social Economy, first launched in 2019, invites 15 students from developing country every year who are currently engaged in social economy or relevant sector in their home countries. Aiming to cultivate insightful experts in social economy and as well as future pro-Koreans who will play key roles in relations between Korea their countries, the program has three objectives
1) educating future social economy professionals and policy makers who will implement inclusive economic policies regarding social value creation in the developing countries
2) helping the development of social economies in developing countries by sharing the growth experience of Korea
3) strengthen the strategic partnership with developing countries for future collaboration in the social economy services sector

Under the objectives, the program offers an education program comprised of
1) Lectures on social economy, management and green growth
2) Extracurricular activities including site visits and seminars
3) Courses on Korean culture and language
4) a research project.

KOICA-KAIST Master’s Degree Program in Social Economy program will provide students with a great opportunity to LEARN Korean experiences in economic and social development and TRANSFORM themselves into entrepreneurial professionals, practicians, and policymakers with deep understanding of social economy.

SE MBA Credit Requirements

KOICA – KAIST Master’s Degree Program in Social Economy


Stay Duration: August 19, 2020 – January 31, 2022 (17 months)
Academic Duration: August 31, 2020 – February 2022 (18 months)


Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Social Economy

Number of Participants

15 selected in total (Please refer to KOICA-KAIST Program Information 2020 below)
- Type 1: Government officials of employees from public institutions with minimum 3 years of experience
- Type 2: From social economy-related area(NGO, agency, research institution, foundation, social enterprises) with minimum 5 years of relevant experience – Only up to 3 participants
* Practicians from the economy, education, welfare, and industry sectors with quantitative and qualitative analytic skills preferred.

Course Objectives

1) To educate future social economy professionals and policymakers who will implement inclusive economic policies regarding social value creation in the developing countries
2) To help the development of social economies in developing countries by sharing the growth experience of Korea
3) To strengthen the strategic partnerships with developing countries for future collaboration in the social economy services sector

Credit Requirements

Students should complete 48 credits in total and satisfy the following requirements for graduation. Students can take up to 18 credits per semester.

SE MBA Credit RequirementsSE MBA Credit Requirements
Mandatory (3)
Mandatory Major (22.5) Elective (19.5 or more) Research(3) Total

(Including Korean

3 Credits, 1AU* 9 13.5 15 4.5 or more 3 48

Course Offering

(Entire course offerings available at https://cais.kaist.ac.kr/totalOpeningCourse)

Semester Course Type Credits Course
Fall 2020

Mandatory (Management) 3 Management Core I
Mandatory(Social Economy) 3 Social Economy & Policy
Mandatory (Social Economy) 3 Entrepreneurship & the Entrepreneur
Elective 3 Management Elective I
Culture/Korean 3 Fall 2020 : KoreanⅠfor Gratuate International Students
Spring 2021: Korean Ⅱ for Gratuate International Students

Total:15 Credits
Research 1.5 Korean Business & Culture
Winter 2020 Field Study 0 Individual & Group Activities
Spring 2021

Total: 15 Credits
Mandatory (Management) 3 Advanced Statistics for Management
Mandatory (Management) 3 Management Core II
Mandatory (Social Economy) 1.5 Green Firm Valuation and Social Finance
Mandatory (Social Economy) 1.5 Impact Investment
Mandatory (Social Economy) 1.5 Social Economy & Korean Experience
Elective 1.5 Social Enterprises & Regional Development
Culture/Korean 3 Korean Language for Foreigners II
Summer 2021 Mandatory(Management) 3 Management Core Ⅲ
Mandatory(Social Economy) 3 Climate Change and International Collaboration
Mandatory(Social Economy) 3 Energy and Environment Economics
Elective 3 Management Elective Ⅲ
Research 3

Research Project


The ability to communicate fluently in English)


On campus dormitory of KAIST College of Business
- The dorm rooms are designed for double occupancy only.
- Each person is provided with a desk, a bed and a wardrobe.

Scholarship Benefits

- Air travel fare: Economy class, round-trip airfare
- Full tuition fees
- Accommodation (dormitory of a training institute)
- Monthly Stipend
- Study visits, field trips, etc. during the program
- A medical checkup before entry into the program
- Overseas traveler's health insurance

Admission Process

Process Dates
Step 1. Application Package Submission March 27, 2021
Step 2. On-site Interview (KOICA) March 27 ~ April 7, 2021
Step 3. 1st Round Selection Process
Document Screening
April 8~ April 21, 2021
Step 4. 1st Round Notification April 26, 2021
Step 5. Interview Scheduling
Step 6. 2nd Round Selection Process
Phone or Skype Interview (University)

April 28 ~ May 12, 2021
Step 7. 2nd Round Notification After May 14, 2021
Step 8. Medical Check-up (Local) May 17 ~ June 18, 2021
Step 9. Final Admissions Notification June 29, 2021

※ The timeline in this table is subject to change.

▶ Post Admission

Course Offering
Arrival in Korea August 19 , 2021
KOICA Orientation August 19~22, 2021
KAIST Orientation* August 23~27, 2021
First Day of Class August 30, 2021
* The date is subject to change.

For detailed information about KOICA-KAIST Scholarship Program, please refer to the attached program information:

2021 KOICA-KAIST Application Guideline & Scholarship Program Information
* The timeline for Admission process and post admission schedule above would be changed due to the COVID19 pandemic.

Contact : Im, Jihye ( jesnay@kaist.ac.kr )