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2011 Spring Semester Add/drop Period 2011-01-31Hit:6170

< 2011 Spring Semester Add/Drop Period >

The following is a notice for course offerings and course registration for 2011 Spring semester.
Please keep the schedule in mind and do not miss the scheduled period.

1. Course Change Period :
▶ Management Engineering, Techno-MBA, IMBA, Executive MBA
- Feb. 7(Mon.) pm 12:30 ~ Feb. 18(Fri.) pm 23:59
▶ Finance MBA, Info & Media MBA
- 1st half Semester : Feb. 7(Mon.) pm 12:30 ~ Feb. 11(Fri.) pm 23:59
- 2nd half Semester : April. 9(Sat.) ~ April. 12(Tue.)
※ If you want to take classes from the other school(Finance MBA, Info&Media MBA),
you should complete it on time by pressing the ‘finish’(in Korean “완료”) button.
※ Full-time student : All applied credits after "Add" or "Drop" courses should be over 9
Part-time student : All applied credits after "Add" or "Drop" courses should be under 9

2. Course Drop Period :
○ A master"s & doctor"s course
▶ Management Engineering, Techno-MBA, IMBA, Executive MBA
- 2009~2011 class : Feb. 21(Mon.) ~ March. 4(Fri.)
- until 2008 class : Feb. 21(Mon.) ~ April. 8(Tue.)
▶ Finance MBA, Info & Media MBA
- 1st half Semester : Feb. 14(Mon.) ~ Feb. 18(Fri.)
- 2nd half Semester : April. 13(Wed.) ~ 4. 19(Tue.)
○ A bachelor"s course(until 2006 class) : Feb. 21(Mon.) ~ March. 4(Fri.)
※ Courses dropped during this period are excluded from grade assessment and marked on your score records as “W”(Withdraw).

3. How to log in
1) Kaipa(http://kaipa.kaist.ac.kr)
2) Students who did not register for spring courses during the registration period are also allowed to register
during the add & drop Period using the web system.(Within the student number limit of each course)
3) System Open Hours : from 12:30 on the beginning day to 23:59 on the ending day

4. Add and Drop Procedures
1) Access to Kaipa(http://kaipa.kaist.ac.kr)
2) Procedure
- Access to Kaipa(http://kaipa.kaist.ac.kr)
- Print out as hard copy after finishing the add or drop.
- Submit the hard copy to your major office after getting approval from advisor professor.
(If your faculty advisor has not been decided yet, please leave it blank.)
3) If you"d like to add or drop after you press the button "complete", you can add and drop
if you ask your major office to release the completion.(Only during the add and drop period.)
4) Remarks
- Students cannot sign up for another class during the drop period and can only drop (a) class(es) already registered.
※ Drop is never allowed at any time but the specified drop period.
- The class(es) dropped during this period will be excluded from grade evaluation and will be marked as "w",
which stands for "withdrawal".

5. Notice
1) You are allowed to make changes only during the designated period and should complete it on time
by pressing the ‘finish’(in Korean “완료”) button.
Then print out the completed Add/drop form (in Korean 수강신청변경원, 수강신청취소원) and
obtain your academic advisor"s signature and submit the form to your department/division office
2) Proxy is not available, you have to access by your own ID.
(Reference phone number about Portal ID: Tel. 042-350-5276)
3) Re-registration is not available unless you are a graduate or Ph. D student who received a "F" grade
in required courses(Mandatory general courses, Mandatory major courses).
4) Individual research for the undergraduate program will be open for all departments. Students can sign up for
individual research based on guidance by a thesis supervisor or a supervising professor of a given academic field
regardless of the number of credits they have acquired so far.

6. Rules for cross course registration among different graduate schools
1) Students enrolled in each school will be granted priority when enrolling in courses provided by the school.
Therefore, students from other schools may be constrained from enrolling in courses with restriction.
2) If you want to take course from other programs, you should confirm your registration from Feb. 10(Thrs.).
Courses confirmed before the designated period(2.7~2.9) could be cancelled.
3) When enrolling in courses provided by schools other than the school that you are registered in, you will need
an approval from the instructor in charge of the course. (The sign of the instructor is needed on a Hard copy)

7. If you have any questions or request, please contact your major office.

Contact : Lee, Jisun ( jisunlee@kaist.ac.kr )