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Why KAIST Executive Education?

KAIST Executive Education was ranked World wide No.21 in 2023 The Financial Times.

Designed to meet the growing needs of our multinational companies, KAIST Executive Programs provides senior executives with practical, cutting-edge knowledge, as well as exposure to current innovations and new ways of strategic thinking.

All KAIST Business School executive-level programs are developed to help Korean companies cope with the ever changing challenges of the global business environment. They include new management theories, current business issues, and international and Korea-specific casework.

Advanced Innovative Management Program (AIM)

The AIM provides today’s CEOs and senior executives with the insight and knowledge to lead in the competitive global business environment. By offering the latest updates on innovative trends in the ever-changing market, we give our participants the opportunity to analize and utilize these new trends to build new business models; ultimately leading to better customer satisfaction and business expansion.

Advanced Program for Innovation & Change Management (AIC)

The AIC provides essential knowledge and expertise to mid and high level managers aiming to move into top-level decision making positions. By equipping them with better problem solving skills, a more specific future road map and a broader human network, the program supports each participant in moving towards the goal of all executives: to become a CEO.

Global Leader Program (GLP)

The Global Leader Program is an executive education program designed for experienced professionals specializing in global business affairs. This program aims to help participants develop skills, knowledge, and understanding to lead responsibly and productively in their professional lives. GLP is a unique program for government officials and corporate executives working in public enterprises. GLP offers collaborated programs with UC Irvine. Students will be studying one semester at KAIST and the other semester at UC Irvine. The GLP Certificate Program offers coursework for professional development within the discipline of global business affairs including policy, economics, management, and sociology.

Advanced Program for e-Government (AeG)

The AeG aims at spreading e-Government knowledge to public sector and businesses involved e-Government projects. This is achieved by carrying out education programs such as ‘IT-based innovation management’ and ‘direction and strategic actions of e-government initiatives'.

Digital Finance Mastership Program(DFMP)

- Digital Transformation Track
- AI & Machine Learning Track
- Block Chain & Digital Asset Track
- Cloud Computing Big Data Analytics Track

Customized Program

Advanced Management Program (AMP) - Strategy for Top Level Executives
General Management Program (GMP) - Developing Senior Managers

Contact Us

Contact UsContact Us
Program Name Email
Executive Education Director Yu, Eunjin ejyu@kaist.ac.kr
Advanced Innovative Management Program(AIM) Choi, Hyunjung hjchoi7@kaist.ac.kr
Advanced Program for Innovation & Change Management(AIC) Lee, Misook misook2ee@kaist.ac.kr
Customized Program Bae, Sujee sjbae05@kaist.ac.kr
Contact : Hyunjung, Choi ( hjchoi7@kaist.ac.kr )