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'Inspiration of your future'



Effective communication window

  • Diversification of communication channels among college members
  • Effective communication between professors-students and staff-students


Strengthen internal and external networks among KAIST members

  • Establishing a network where students' experiences and careers can be shared
  • Expanding network between juniors and seniors, across different majors, and internal and external institutions


Strengthen student welfare and improve the environment

  • Improve and strengthen practical student welfare
  • Create learning atmosphere through continuous improvement of the environment


Build self-knowledge sharing channel

  • Expand the virtuous circle of knowledge by sharing research/learning achievements
  • Continuous efforts on publishing




Music Band group in KAIST College of Business


KAIST Christians

FIAT is the group of Catholic Christians in KAIST College of Business

B.S.C. (Business Strategic Consulting) Group

Business Strategic Consulting

BSC provides a variety of activities such as analysis of market trends, major industry and business. Members can learn how to use some strategic tools and participate in contests which are related with management strategy. This club helps members to improve their understanding about each industry and acquire the basic knowledge about management strategy and business plans.



Studying climate change related issue and sustainability, with practice to save the earth

KCF (KAIST Christian Fellowship)

KAIST 기독학생동아리

As a Christian student club, KCF strives to spread the Gospel in the KAIST campus by sharing the words of the Bible and building fellowships with one another.



Group for IR, Start-up, VC and investment

KDSG(KAIST Data Scientist Group)

창조하라! 도전하라 ! 상생하라! 협력하라! 가장 KAIST답게 거듭나라! KAIST

Improve coding skill and analyze various business & industry data to develop business analytics ability.



The Watchers is the very first KAIST College of Business’ professional club that focuses on studying corporate valuation. Members can learn how to draw up and analyze financial statements, and practice and apply corporate assessments. It aims to bring together students who want to work in the finance industry and also work for a company in the field of financial management and investment. The regular group meetings are held once a week to write corporate assessment reports, and to invite and host guest lecturers for seminars.

Bunch of grapes (KAIST wine club)

- KADA (KAIST Diving Association)

K-SUS(KAIST Sustainability)

KAIST's one and only water leisure sports club

Contact : Joo, Sunhee ( shjoo2006@kaist.ac.kr )

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