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Beyond Knowledge!

KAIST College of Business, which has pursued academic excellence and has been leading Korean business education for the last 20 years, is making its noble value of KAIST -- Beyond Knowledge.
Live together in our community: Share KCB's heartwarming experiences

Live together in our community Share KCB's heartwarming experiences
After-School Library

After-School Library

For 9 years, the volunteer club 'After School Library' has played a role as a teacher for underprivileged elementary school students in Dogdaemun-gu Information Library. Through various activities such as reading fairy tales or literary books, providing education on manners and personality, exercising, and tutoring English and mathematics, the club has helped enhance students' leadership.

Habitat Volunteer Work

Habitat Volunteer Work

During summer vacation, students work with Habitat groups to build and repair houses for those suffering from poor living conditions and provide volunteer services through direct labor and financial support.



KAIST students and faculty members participate in national marathon races and donate funds to support science education camps for children of multicultural families in order to spread science education to marginalized groups and to achieve social coexistence.

Charity Bazaar & Auction

Charity Bazaar & Auction

At the year-end charity bazaar auction event, all the members of the school donate items which are sold by volunteer students. KCB uses the profit from the auction to purchase winter gifts for citizens who live alone and eat meals at the Bobper Sharing Center in Cheongyangri.

Volunteer work at Babfor

Volunteer work at Bobper

On the last day of each year, approximately 50 members of the KAIST College of Business and alumni families work together to cook and distribute food at the Cheongnyangni Bobper Sharing Center.

>Support for Eyesight Recovery Surgery for Senior Citizens Who Live Alone

Support for Eyesight Recovery Surgery for Senior Citizens Who Live Alone

Using funds raised by the year-end charity bazaar auction, KAIST College of Business supports eyesight recovery surgery for senior citizens who live alone in Cheongnyangni region in partnership with Cheongnyangni St. Paul's Hospital.

Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )

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