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Pursues individuals with an understanding of key technologies and business to lead changes in digital transformation.

Cultivates practical skills through in-depth learning in general management, business analytics, start-ups and new business fields

Provides a curriculum based on Industry-University cooperation

"Fostering professional directors and entrepreneurs that lead the changes in the future business environment"

  • KAIST MBA is a two-year full-time MBA program newly launched in 2023 that aims to foster professional directors and entrepreneurs who want to learn new technologies and business models to lead innovation in digital transformation

    There are three in-depth areas: general management to strengthen the competency that professional directors should have, business analytics that focuses on analyzing big data to present business insights, and startups and new business fields to focus on innovative business models and lead new market creation.
    KAIST MBA also provides customized training programs to cultivate practical business problem-solving ability and convergence thinking ability. There are four selective intensive courses in marketing and supply chain management, organization and strategy, IT management, and finance and accounting, as well as various practicum courses and practical field projects.
진로 (2017~2021) - 취업 70% 95명, 진학 30% 41명


금융전공 (FMBA) 교과과정 졸업 이수요건2014학번 입학생부터 적용하는 금융전공 (FMBA) 교과과정 졸업 이수요건을 학위, 공통필수, 전공필수, 전공선택, 연구, 합계로 나누어 안내한 표입니다.
Program Length Class Graduation Requirements Enrollment On-line Application Course start date
(Minimum 1.5years)
48 Credits
Less than 10 people a year Fall Admission
Regular Track: Late February
GKS: February
※ The above fall admission is for foreigners. Please find details and apply at https://admission.kaist.ac.kr/intl-graduate

Contact : Sangchul, Jung ( topcheol@kaist.ac.kr )