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Fall 2014 Course Evaluation 2014-12-08Hit:3497

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Dear students,

We would like to notify you that an online course evaluation for Fall 2014 will be conducted.
We will greatly appreciate it if you evaluate the course you have taken this semester within the given period of time; your individual responses will be kept strictly confidential, so please feel free to give your honest and detailed opinions.

Course evaluations are done in such a way as to enhance the quality of courses, and the results will help students in choosing quality courses. The evaluation results of a course are currently open to students only 60% of all students taking the course—partake in the evaluation.

For this reason, securing more than a certain number of participants is essential to open the results of the course evaluation and help students in choosing suitable courses.

We ask for your active and sincere participation in the current course evaluations.
Your opinions count. Below are details of how course evaluations will be conducted:

1. Courses to be evaluated: All courses given in Fall 2014 (9-16 & 1-16 week courses)

2. Courses not subject to evaluation:
- All courses given in the first half(1-8 week) of Fall 2014
- Research courses (e.g. dissertation research, internship program and exercise,
individual research, seminars for dissertation, and so on)
- Ethics & Safety
- Courses open in other universities

3. Evaluation method: Online survey

4. Period: Dec. 1(Mon.), 2014 10:00 through Dec 12(Fri.), 2014 23:59 (for 12 days)

5. Procedure
※ "Academic System" menu on the portal site.
-PC: Course Evaluation → Final Course Evaluation → Click each of the courses taken
→ Check questions → Confirm

-Mobile: Class Enrolment → Final Course Evaluation → Click each of the courses taken
→ Check questions → Confirm
※ You can review the assessments of evaluated courses during the period for grade revision and posting.

6. Number of questions: 9 ("Overall Opinion" included)

7. Caution: Students who have participated in the course evaluation can review the assessments
during the period for grade revision and posting(Dec. 30, 2014 ~ Jan. 5, 2015)

Contact : Lee, Jisun ( jisunlee@kaist.ac.kr )