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Promoting Social Value through Business: Mr. Jang Neung In (Social Enterprise MBA, KAIST) becomes President of Daejeon Social Enterprise Association2016-03-09Hit:1078


Mr. Jang Neung In (SEMBA), who is a representative of the Midam Scholarship Committee, was elected as the youngest president of Daejeon Social Enterprise Association (DSEA). 

On January 16, Mr. Jang was elected as the third President of DSEA with a majority of vote. Within its two-year term, Mr. Jang also serves as a board member of the Korea Central Council of Social Enterprises.  

He said, “I would like to foster social enterprises that are self-sustainable with continued growth.” 

He also said, “For the last ten years, the growth of social enterprises was lead by the Korean government with high emphasis on job creation”, and pointed out that “It is hard to say that Daejeon social enterprises are self-sustainable without aid from the government.” 

He emphasized that social enterprises that depend mostly on the government subsidy have limitations. He said, “The fixed costs can be covered through government funds or subsidies, however the variable costs should be covered by the market economy.” He also said that “Although pursuing both social and economic value is not easy, social entrepreneurs should strive to achieve both values at the same time.” 

He plans to gather up like-minded people and to form a group to discuss and share their dreams of achieving social as well as economic value. 

He also has a plan to build an online platform for Daejeon social enterprises. He introduced this plan by saying, “Through the online platform, social entrepreneurs can gather up to organize events like Black Friday, or a campaign for a Preferential Purchasing Act. Moreover, the platform can work out for advertising promotions via mass media.” 

In addition, Mr. Jang intends to rebuild the organizational structure aggressively and expands its sub-committees which now are divided into only two parts.

He noted that “social enterprises receive low recognition from the public; therefore it is necessary to build a close network with consumers, and to form an intimate alliance with our members.”  

Mr. Jang is one of the founding members of Midam Scholarship Committee which was built in 2009. It aims to provide free education service to students, and currently operates eleven different offices across Korea, including one at KAIST. The Midam Scholarship Committee was recognized as a social enterprise by the Ministry of Labor in December, 2013.

Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )