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Local data quality exceeds the quality in Google and Amazon2016-12-29Hit:839


Local data quality exceeds the quality in Google and Amazon 

The guest speakers at the seminar on "IOT and Hyper-connected Future Society", held at KAIST College of Business on the 23rd, emphasized the significance of data management and training talented individuals in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Jea-Hee Shim, the CEO of NTels (IOT specialized company) and  the vice chairman of Korea Venture Business Association, said "while the ability to collectively gather and manage information from factories is a significant aspect of Industry 4.0, a part of the 4th Industrial Revolution, South Korea is not ready for this." He further stated that "the lack of IOT functions in Korean manufactured parts is leading to a dramatic decrease in sales", implying that the advanced manufactured parts from Germany and other Western countries, equipped with IOT functions, are about to dominate the global market.

Emphasizing that "we need to find an industry that we are good at", CEO Shim pointed out that "South Korea has the world's best health insurance system, and we need to utilize the refined data from this industry".

 E-Shick Kim, the head of KT's Big Data Center, pointed out that "while we are behind Google and Amazon in the quality aspect of information, we are ahead of them in terms of information quality, demonstrated through its over 90% linearity." Emphasizing the fact that "South Korea is the only nation that has the skills to comprehend the moving routes of cattle cars through GPS", director Kim introduced cases in which data analysis from this information contributed to the removal of avian influenza, foot-and-mouth disease and animal disease.

 Pointing out that "many people fear the advancement of artificial intelligence because robots may take over their jobs, and even many CEOs don't know much about this industry", Jee-Hee Kim, an executive director at Samsung Electronics, emphasized that "due to its impact on business management and society, systematic education on artificial intelligence is necessary".

Held to celebrate the 10-year-anniversary of KAIST's Graduate School of Information & Media Management, the seminar was honored by the attendance of Myoung Oh, the former Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Sung-Mo Kang, the President of KAIST, Sang-Hoon Lee, the Director of the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Chang-Bun Yoon, the Chief Secretary of Future Strategy at Blue House, and other prominent figures in the industry.

Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )