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'Neighborhood Charles' broadcast the story about Russian twins Zegna and Olegg, KAIST students, “We love Suzy”2018-06-20Hit:2348

‘Neighborhood Charles’ shown on KBS 1TV on the15th introduced the story of twins from Russia, Zegna and Olegg. The twin brothers Zegna and Oleg, who were born 30 seconds apart in Moscow, Russia, 24 years ago, are known as geniuses who continuously competefor firstand second place in their schools. They both entered Russia’s top school, National University Higher School of Economics (HSE), as scholarship students. These brilliant minds came to Korea in order to learn language which could be used in North Korea.

After studying as exchange students in Chonnam National University, the twins who had tremendous interest in Korea, continue studying at KAIST as full scholarship graduate students.

Thanks to the scholarship, they have reduced the burden of tuition by approximately 12 million won per semester, however, they still haveto tighten their belts and work in part-time jobsin order to maintain life abroad without the help of parents. The twins are economicalin daily affairs, for instance, they live in a place where they have to walk an hour round trip from school or to shop in the street markets.

The twin brothers' favorite food is Gwangju’s local food, and their favorite entertainer is Miss A Suzy from Gwangju. Their love for Gwangju is so strong that they shed tears on the 5.18 Pro-democracyAnniversary. They lived in Gwangju their first 2 years in Korea, and it is like a second home for them.

A college professor whom they visit for Teacher’s Day is like a sister to them, and the boss of the factory where they worked part-time for one and a half years is aKorean father to them. When the twins visit one local restaurant, the generous restaurant owner gave them sliced raw skate for tasting. Sliced raw skate, the indigenous food of Jeolla Do, is even polarizing food among local people. The twins will undoubtedly show more pride in Jeolla Do because of raw skate.

The longest time they live separated from each other is no more than 70 days during their entire life. The twins who spent most of their life together both at school and home began to worry about their future during preparation for an internship. Since both their grades and interests are similar, they hope to apply for internshipsin the same department of the same company. However, getting a job for the same position is a real challenge. So they both have a lot to think about in terms of strategically living apart. Will the twins continue to live together?

We can meet the story about these attractive Russian twin brothers on ‘Neighborhood Charles’ at 7:35 pm on the 15th.

Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )