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KAIST held the entrance ceremony for 'Public Innovation and e-Governance Senior Course' on the 12th2018-11-13Hit:584

KAIST College of Business hosted the "Advanced Program for Public e-Governance (AeG) Entrance Ceremony" on September 12. The ceremony was attended by 42 senior executives who were selected after the final examination. They included senior officials above grade 5, senior researchers from government-funded research institutes, public sector executives, and representatives of private companies.

AeG is an educational program designed to promote digital innovation capabilities in the government and private sectors by strengthening ICT-based organizational management and entrepreneurship for public and private sector senior managers in the era of intelligence information.

AeG students will be educated on various themes such as the 4th Industrial Revolution, Government Innovation in the Intelligent Information Age, new organizational management and leadership through guidance from KAIST Professor Seung-hee Kim, Professor Hee-seok Lee, Professor Chang-yang Lee. The training period is approximately 6 months and will end around February 27, 2019.

Graduates receive a certificate with the name of the President of KAIST. They also qualify to be members of the 'AeG General Assembly' of about 1,500 people who have graduated from the senior course.

Professor Sung-hee Kim from KAIST, said, "Technological development such as the development of ICT and the emergence of intelligence information will eventually result in a 'person'. Development should focus on people-centered thinking and value for public and private sector innovation through the use of ICT and intelligence information. I want to consider how to apply it with the students. "

Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )