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2020 Summer Semester Course registration 2020-05-19Hit:119

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We'd like to make an announcement of 2020 Summer Sem?ester Detailed information on class lists, course registration,

course add/drop, course withdrawal, and tuition payment as below. KAIST is running course registration system based

on the randomly selected method for seasonal semesters as well as regular semesters. Also, from this summer semester,

the beginning of classes is divided into 1st and 2nd period and course schedule is operated in three types(week 1-7, 1-3,

4-7). Therefore, please be aware of the changes in the summer semester.


<2020 Summer Semester Schedule> 



Summer Semester

Beginning of Summer 2020 classes : July 6th

*  End of Summer 2020 classes : August 21st

① (Week 1-7) 7.6(Mon) ~ 8.21(Fri)
② (Week 1-3) 7.6(Mon) ~ 7.24(Fri)
③ (Week 4-7) 7.27(Mon)~ 8.21(Fri)

Course registration

Before random selection


After random selection

6.10(Wed)~ 6.11(Thu)

Course Add/Drop

1st Period

(Week 1-7, Week 1-3)

7.1(Wed) ~ 7.8(Wed)

2nd Period

(Week 4-7)

7.22(Wed) ~ 7.29(Wed)

Course Withdrawal

1st Period

(Week 1-7, Week 1-3)

7.9(Thu) ~ 7.17(Fri)

2nd Period

(Week 4-7)

7.30(Thu) ~ 8.7(Fri)



1. 2020 Summer Semester Course registration

A. Course lists : Portal(http://portal.kaist.ac.kr)  Academic System  Courses Offered


B. Number of credits : The maximum of 9 credits ( including research credits ) are allowed.

                                   (Applicable to undergraduate, master's and Ph.D. program)


C. Course registration: Randomly selected system

1) Period : 2020. 6. 8(Mon) ~ 6. 11(Thu) [4 days]  


    From 12:30 to before 23:59 on June 8(Mon) (Open enrollment without ceilings for all the courses)

    ※ June 9(Tue) : No registration is possible

    ※ Randomly selected students list for the courses will be announced before 12:00, June 10(Wed)

     → Students will be randomly selected for the courses that exceed their enrollment ceilings; Randomly selected

          students list for the courses will be announced. (on portal)

     → Courses of students who are not selected will be automatically deleted on their system.


   From 12:30 on June 10(Wed) to before 23:59 on June 11(Thu)

   (Students may register for the remaining courses on a first-come first-serve basis)


2) Use : Web System(Academic System)

    ※ Web registration at http://portal.kaist.ac.kr


3) System opening hours

  From 12:30 to before 23:59 on June 8(Mon)

   From 12:30 on June 10(Wed) to before 23:59 on June 11(Thu)

   (Students may register for the remaining courses on a first-come first-serve basis)


4) Procedure : Check the class lists on Web  Register for classes on Web (not available on mobile equipment)


5) Matters to be attended while registering

 Students must apply for courses during the given period only.

② Students included in the randomly selected list (of the courses exceed their enrollment ceilings) cannot cancel the

     courses during the registration period.

     (However, during the Add/drop period, students may change or cancel their classes.)

 Online application system requires a portal access (with PORTAL ID)

     ※ For more information regarding PORTAL ID, access https://iam.kaist.ac.kr

 When you register for the retake courses on the Academic system, you must obtain the course professors

      approval online up to three days before the end of the course add/drop period.

   - Online course retake approval period: Course registration period and no later than 23:59 of three days before the end

      of the course add/drop period. Please be aware that if you fail to obtain approval by the deadline, your retake course

      registration will be cancelled automatically.

   - When the online course retake application has been denied by the course professor or automatically cancelled due to

      non-approval within the deadline: Students are requested to submit the Course Add/Drop Application form to the

      Academic Registrar's Team(ART) during the course add/drop period.

 Individual research for undergraduates courses are offered by all the Departments, and students may apply for the

     courses(with the guidance of their thesis advisor or professor in the Division of their interest.) regardless of the number

     of credits that they have previously earned.

⑥ Graduation research courses are not offered during the summer semester in accordance with the guidelines for the

     operation of undergraduate research courses.

 Students who are expected to graduate this semester cannot register for seasonal semester.

    (Except for the students expected to graduate at 2020 Spring Semester who are eligible to take special

     summer semester courses regarding COVID-19 situation.)



2. Payment for regular and Retake Summer courses

A. Students registering for regular summer undergraduate program courses must pay tuition fees for the courses.

Students registering for retake courses must pay tuition fees plus retake fees.

※ Remarks

  Undergraduates applying for an Individual research" course must pay a tuition fee for the course.


B. Payment period :

    ※ 1st Period (Week 1-7, Week 1-3 classes) : 2020. 7. 9(Tue) 12:00 ~ 2020. 7. 17(Fri) 23:55

     2nd Period (Week 4-7 classes) : 2020. 7. 30(Tue) 12:00 ~ 2020. 8. 7(Fri) 23:55


C. Amount :

* Payment for regular courses : 50,000 won per credit / AU

* Payment for retake courses : 50,000 won per credit / AU (in addition to regular tuition payment)

ex) Students retaking a 3 credit course (retake course) should pay 300,000 won [(50,000 won * 3) + (50,000 won * 3)]


D. Payment method : Log-on to Portal(https://portal.kaist.ac.kr)  Access Academic System’ ⇒ Payment 

    Student Service   Breakdown of Fee Payment Details  Confirm Year/Semester setting and click Personal of the

    Notice of Payment   Confirm the Virtual Account Number/Amount and pay for it.

     Students can retrieve the Notice of Payment from 2020. 7. 9(Tue) / 2020.7.30(Thu) 12:00(pm).


E. Students who fail to pay their tuition fees(and retake tuition) on time receive "W" grade on their transcript for the Courses.



3. 2020 Summer Semester Course Add/drop

A. Period

    ※ 1st Period (Week 1-7, Week 1-3 classes) : 07.01(Wed) ~ 07.08(Wed)

    ※ 2nd Period (Week 4-7 classes) : 07.22(Wed) ~ 07.29(Wed)


B. Use : Web System (not available on mobile equipment)


C. System opening hours

[Undergraduate program] Time slots for course drop and course registration will be given separately every day during the period.

* Course drop 00:00(night) ~ 12:00(daytime)

* Course registration 12:30(daytime) ~ 23:59(night)

[Graduate program] From 00:00(night) to before 23:59(night) during the add/drop period


D. Procedure : Connect to Academic System → Add new classes or drop/change classes  


4. 2020 Summer Semester Course Withdrawal

A.  Period :

     ※ 1st Period (Week 1-7, Week 1-3 classes) : 2020. 7. 9(Thu) 12:30 ~ 2020. 7. 17(Fri) 23:59

     ※ 2nd Period (Week 4-7 classes) : 2020. 7. 30(Thu) 12:30 ~ 2020. 8. 7(Fri) 23:59


B. Use : Web System (not available on mobile equipment)


C. System opening hours:  From 12:30(daytime) of the starting day of the drop period to before 23:59(night) of the end day of the drop period


D. Procedure : Connect to Academic System → Drop classes


E. Miscellaneous

  ? Students are not allowed to apply for other courses (only withdrawal is allowed) during the given period.

    ※Students are not allowed to withdraw from courses after the given period.

  ? The grade of a withdrawn course is not included in the grade point average; students are given a "W" (withdrawal) on

     their transcripts.  


5.  For more information please contact the KCB Academic & Student Affairs Team  (hanseuli@kaist.ac.kr) 02-82-958-3211

Contact : Lee, Jisun ( jisunlee@kaist.ac.kr )