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[~06.11] Invitation to Visiting Professor2004-05-21Hit:12759

KAIST Graduate School of Management is seeking qualified applicants to be part of a larger globalization strategy for the school. KAIST students need to be able to navigate through a global environment in order to compete in this global marketplace. As a means to help prepare students for this global environment, cross-cultural communication and English proficiency supports need to be part of the program. Given that English is noted as the international language of business, KAIST students need to be proficient in English as one of the core competencies for an international manager. General Job Description for Visiting Professor, Global Leadership Institute International Center: KAIST Graduate School of Management Global Leadership Institute is an integral part of the bigger picture strategy for globalization. Given this, the success of such a program will greatly depend on the new hires for the Global Leadership Institute. The Director and Visiting Professors will have an intimate role in helping shape the KAIST Global Leadership Institute and the Language Center in the areas of curriculum development, program design, classroom instruction, and administrative processes. Visiting Professors will teach a minimum of 5 courses a semester on Communication Skills, Business English, research writing, and presentation courses to KAIST students and/or within the Executive programs. (Depending on the need, class topics may vary.) In addition, the Visiting Professor will be on a team to help assist in the development and execution of an integrated globalization strategy for the University. 1. To teach Business English, conversational English, research writing, and presentation courses to students and staff. 2. To help set and execute the overall direction, design and infrastructure for the Language Center. 3. To help oversee the self-directed multi-media Language Lab. 4. To create supplementary materials for the Language Lab. 5. To provide guidance and support to the GLI team and serve as a team player. 6. To help test students’ English proficiency levels (OPI system)-training provided if needed. 7. To take part in the Immersion Program. 8. To serve as a member of the “globalization” team. 9. To assist in the publication of “Globally Speaking” journal. 10. To provide editing services and one on one consultations for presentations and language skills. Compensation and Fringe Benefits: We are bound to adhere by the outlined salary ranges driven by the KAIST main campus; thus the basic annual salary will be based on these rules. The starting salary for a Visiting Professor with a Master’s degree is competitive with the market salary. KAIST supports additional consulting or teaching opportunities for your personal/professional development providing you are able to fulfill your current responsibilities with KAIST. This will be determined through consultation and advisement of the Director of the International Center. Individual office and full office set up is provided for Visiting Professors. Individual offices and personal computers and printers are set up for Visiting Professors. Application Deadline : June 11, 2004 List of documents : 1. Cover letter and resume 2. All university transcripts 3. Copy of final degree Document Submission : KAIST Graduate School of Management Office of Academic and Students Affairs 207-43 Cheongryangri 2-dong Dongdaemun-gu Seoul, 130-722 Korea For detailed information and further inquiries, contact at: e-mail: sychoi@kgsm.kaist.ac.kr / gli@kgsm.kaist.ac.kr Homepage : http://www.kaistgsm.ac.kr/english/ Phone: 02-958-3241, 3213 Fax: 02-958-3010
Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )