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Ph.D. Conference 20072007-08-03Hit:7075

Opening - Choi Jong Hyun #B ■ 09:20~09:30 - Vice President Opening Business Analysis - Choi Jong Hyun #B ■ 09:30~10:10 - A study of the relationship between lead-lag time and the time remaining to the expiration days of futures in the Korean financial markets. 김현경(paper) ■ 10:10~10:50 - How Does Creditor’s Liquidation Decision Affect Debt and Equity Values? 황근호(paper) ■ 10:50~11:30 - Are the cap and Swaption Markets Spanned by the LIBOR Market?: A Pricing Kernel Approach 민병선(proposal) ■ 11:30~12:00 - Who is the Best Contributor to Recovery of Market Efficiency in the Korean Stock Market? 강소현(proposal) ■ 13:00~13:40 - Stepped Value Function: An Analysis of Decision under Uncertainty 서영덕(paper) ■ 13:40~14:10 - Asymmetric response of price to cost changes 오경모(proposal) ■ 14:10~14:50 - OPTION PRICING WITH SHORT SALES CONSTRAINTS, PUT-CALL PARITY, AND IMPLIED VOLATILITY DISCREPANCY 박재원(paper) ■ 14:50~15:20 - The Relationship between Credit Spreads and Aggregate Factors 황인창(proposal) ■ 15:20~16:00 - Evaluating the performance of hedge funds using the stochastic discount factor 민병규(paper) Information Technology - Room 101 ■ 09:30~10:10 - Empirical Analysis of Risk-Taking Behavior in IT Platform Migration Decisions. 심선영(paper) ■ 10:10~10:50 - A New Marketing Strategy Map for Direct Marketing. 김영애(paper) ■ 10:50~11:20 - 집단지성에 관한 연구: 사회적 네트워크의 양상에 따른 비교 조현(proposal) ■ 11:20~11:50 - Reconsideration of Multi-criteria Linear Programming in the Vector Space: a new linear classification method with the Euclidian metric. 박성혁(proposal) ■ 13:00~13:30 - The Effect of Price Dispersion and Product Information on Consumer Product Attitude in Informediary : The Moderating Role of Involvement 정성훈(proposal) ■ 13:30~14:10 - Understanding the difference in adoption and continued usage in the context of mobile data services 김병수(paper) ■ 14:10~14:40 - Understanding the psychological characteristics of possessing digital contents. 이주원(proposal) ■ 14:40~15:10 - UCC Sharing Motives : Can the socialization tactics affect to them? 이성욱(proposal) ■ 15:10~16:20 - An analysis on the moderators of the critical factors in effective knowledge sharing of individuals and teams : Based on social network approach 허용석(proposal) Management Engineering - Room 402 ■ 09:30~10:10 - A spatial Market Share Model : Understanding store Choice Behavior from Aggregate Data 김정기(paper) ■ 10:10~10:40 - Incorporating Heterogeneity in Consumer’s Forward-Looking Behavior in Choice Context 김호(proposal) ■ 10:40~11:10 - Musical influences in advertising: Music as a device of attitude formation and recall 민동원(proposal) ■ 11:20~12:00 - The Persistence of First-mover and Early-entrant Advantages 김정호(paper) ■ 13:30~14:10 - Do operational capability indicators enhance the prediction accuracy of supplier risk? - A model for measuring supplier risk 임영덕(paper) ■ 14:10~14:50 - AGGLOMERAYION ECONOMIES, INNOVATIVENESS OF ENTRANTS, TECHNOLOGOCAL OPPORTUNITIES, AND LOCATION DECISION 조유리(paper)
Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )