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Korean Business and Culture2010-09-14Hit:8742

KAIST Business School proudly shares a close connection with the world’s finest institutions and students. The school has selective dual-degree and exchange programs and the percentage of entering foreign students is rising. KAIST runs a variety of programs for its foreign exchange students in order to help their adjustment into Korean culture. We visited one of the mandatory courses offered to foreign exchange students called “Korean Business and Culture.”

Foreign exchange students at KAIST Business School are able to communicate and share their experiences with Korean culture in the classroom. Various field trips are planned to take students out of the classroom to experience the cultural differences first hand. This semester, 16 students participated in the course. The course curriculum is consisted of visiting instructor’s special lectures on the Korean society in general, viewings of Korean movies with English subtitles, experiencing Korean traditional cultures, and outdoor field trips. Students also present their own tips for each other on making the best out of their Korean experiences.

The most popular program of the course is the experiencing of the Korean traditional culture and outdoor field trips. This semester, students tried their hands on making traditional jewelry box with special paper as well as dancing and singing ancient Korean tunes. Students took every program very seriously and seemed to enjoy themselves very much.

Field trips were arranged to visit the demilitarized zone, RFID Center in Songdo which hopes to become the Asia’s logistics hub as well as the center of the IT resources. Students also visited the Korea Stock Exchange and T-Um at where they were able to feel the future technology of STK. Students were captivated by the visits and especially by the demilitarized zone. It reminded them of the fact that Korea remains as the only divided nation in the world. For this reason, many foreigners come to Korea and visit the demilitarized zone to understand the country’s most pressing issues.

I visited the course out of curiosity, but was soon touched with reports from students who genuinely tried their best to understand the Korean culture and share thoughts on it.

It is our hope that the foreign students who choose to come to Korea for their studies can truly understand the society and culture of Korea through programs like “Korean Business and Culture”

Sasi Limchareon (Exchange student from Sasin in Thailand) Interview

This trip was truly an eye-opener for me. I have never thought that I would have a chance to experience one of the most important historical points of the last divided nation. This trip sparked my interest about Korean history and cultures. I would like to explore more about the Korean War and how it led to such a long lasting conflict between two nations. In my point of view, reunification of these two nations is extremely difficult even though there are lots of attempts to establish peace between the two Korea. Nonetheless, I hope that one day the boundary lines are lifted and I can see a real united Korea.

Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )