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KAIST College of Business is Ranked No. 1 for its Employment Rate.2013-10-16Hit:5310

KAIST College of Business is Ranked No. 1 for its Employment Rate. The Three Year Average Employment Rate is 96%.

KAIST College of Business (KCB) is managing a variety of subject areas by industry, by position, and by time. In addition, it established the, KCB Graduate School of Green Growth this year.

Moreover, KCB is cooperating with more than fifty universities in the world.

KAIST College of Business School (KCB) established a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) -- the first full-time MBA in Korea. The Dean of KCB is Dr. Hahn Minhi. As a top research university in natural sciences and engineering, KAIST considers a scientific and systematic methodology as a priority. Last year the Financial Times (FT) ranked KAIST Executive MBA as the top program in Korea, the best in Asia, and 28th in the world.

Each curriculum in KAIST MBA is separated by industry, by position, and by time. There are a variety of MBA programs including Techno-MBA, a two-year full-time general MBA program, Finance MBA, an MBA program specialized in finance, Info & Media MBA, an MBA program specialized in Information and Technology (IT) and Media, and Professional MBA, a part-time MBA for students who want to continue working and, at the same time, upgrade their careers.

KAIST plans to nurture experts on green policy and green management in KCB Graduate School of Green Growth. Also, KAIST focuses on nurturing experts by helping them improve their research ability and practical business skills. Another distinct feature is the alumni network. About 3300 KAIST MBA alumni play a crucial role as highly skilled professionals and executives in multinational corporations such as Deloitte, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley, as well as Korea leading companies such as Samsung, LG, and SK. Most of them advise their juniors as mentors. Moreover, KCB allocates lab space to every single student. Students participate in diverse activities related to academic work and they build human relationships with their academic peers and alumni in the laboratory.

Minhi Hahn, the Dean of KAIST College of Business, said, “KAIST College of Business allocates labs and dorm rooms to every single MBA student, and this cannot be found in any world class business school in the world. This unique academic environment enables students to have 24 hour interaction with our outstanding faculty members who usually stay in school all day long.” Also, he said, ‘We see a variety of synergy effects including students’ academic achievements.”

One of the distinct features of KAIST MBA is that it offers dual degree programs with top-class global MBA programs in the areas of accounting, law, finance, and media. Moreover, KAIST has agreements with schools in 50 nations in Asia, Europe, and North America involving student exchange and academic cooperation. Therefore every student has a number of opportunities to participate in international education programs.

The results of various career development systems in KAIST MBA are appearing now. According to a report recently published by the Ministry of Education, ‘2013 Statistics about Employment Rates for Graduates of Institutions of Higher Education’, KAIST MBA ranks No. 1 for the highest employment rate, with 96 percent on a three-year average. It has established a network for nineteen years by using employment, internships, and field projects. It plans to manage the network and improve its employment rate.

KAIST MBA is recruiting new MBA students until the 21st of November. If you have more questions about the general admission procedure, please contact the Education and Training Team (02-958-3213) or go to the KAIST homepage (www.kaist.ac.kr).


Contact : Lee, Sohyun ( sohyun.c.lee@kaist.ac.kr )