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KAIST will recruit new students for the Social Entrepreneurship MBA wh..2014-11-03Hit:1206

The corporate social contribution foundation of SK Group, SK Sharing Happiness Foundation, announced on September 29th that KAIST would recruit new students for the Social Entrepreneurship MBA (SE-MBA) for next year. SK Group supports the SE-MBA program, which specializes in starting ventures and training social entrepreneurs.
Anyone who has a plan for making a social enterprise, anyone who has already founded a social venture or will engage in business related with a social enterprise after receiving their MBA by recommendation of an organization to which they belong can apply to the program. SK Group will pay full tuition for successful applicants.
KAIST has been in partnership with SK Group and established the SE-MBA program last year. The major purpose of the SE-MBA program is for educating innovative social entrepreneurs in social value creation by solving social problems. The SE-MBA provides various programs that are related to making social ventures with the aim of helping students establish a business after graduation in two years.
Byungtae lee, the executive director of SK Center for Social Entrepreneurship, mentioned that the purpose of the SE-MBA is to foster social entrepreneurship to create both economic and social value at the same time. He emphasized that if social value is grafted onto innovative technology and ideas, a social venture that can change society can become successful.
Hangjae Yoo, the director of the headquarters in SK Sharing Happiness Foundation, said that a huge influx of talented people is important to activate thye ecosystem of a social enterprise. In addition, he stated that he would keep giving positive aid for the SE-MBA program to be the cradle of training and educating competent people.
The application period for new students is from the 8th to th 20th of October. Applicants will go through a screening and interview process. The website of KAIST College of Business or the SK Center for Social Entrepreneurship provides further information.

Reporter Yoojin Jung
Press: www.dt.co.kr
Link: http://www.dt.co.kr/contents.html?article_no=2014092902109932748001

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