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Notice for 2022 Fall Dormitory Check-in 2022-07-07Hit:163

1. Check-in Students : 2022 Fall New students, Enrolled students 

    (Students who are already living in the dormitory do not need to submit an application 

    form, payment made before the deadline will suffice.)

2. Application and Payment Deadlines
    ■ Application Period : Aug. 3(Wed) ~ Aug. 5(Fri) 24:00, 2022 via email
    ■ Payment Period : Aug.10(Wed) ~ Aug.12(Fri) 24:00, 2022
        - Dormitory Fee Total : KRW 960,000 for 6 months (Aug. 24, 2022∼Feb. 20, 2023) 
          【Double-occupancy room, New student】
        - Dormitory Fee Total : KRW 1,440,000 for 6 months (Aug. 24, 2022∼Feb. 20, 2023) 
          【Single room, Current resident】
        - Account Number: 254-040524-13-002 (Wooribank, Account Holder: KAIST)

          ※ You must make your payment during the payment period. If no payment is made 

              after the final date, your name will be excluded from the check-in list.

          ※ Please make your payment with your name or student ID number, and in case the 

              payment was made in another person’s name, please email or call us.


3. Certificate of Health(TB Test) Submission Deadline

      - (For new applicants) You are required to submit a general employment health check-up 

        report or Civil Service Recruitment Physical Examination report by email. 

        We only accept these medical report documents issued after May 1, 2022 Without 
        essential documents, you can not apply for the Fall semester dormitory registration.
     - New applicants the dormitory must submit rapid antigen test result performed within 24 
        hours of moving in or PCR performed within 48 hours of moving in, indicating 
        negative(text or certificate)
     - (For current residents) As we announced you must have a chest X-ray to examine 
       tuberculosis conducted by KAIST on 2022.5. in this case, you do not need to submit 
       additional TB test document. If you did not have a TB test in the KAIST, you are 
       required to submit a tuberculosis test result from the hospital by August 12 2022.

4. Email application to : atelier@kaist.ac.kr

5. Dormitory Check-in Date : Aug. 24(Wed), 2022

6. Note : Your room number will be noticed to the email address provided in 

 the application form.

                 Seoul Campus Management Team

Contact : Lee, Jisun ( jisunlee@kaist.ac.kr )